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Best Article On Why Ebook Formatting Matters

Best Article On Why Ebook Formatting Matters

One common question from authors is why ebook formatting matters while providing ebook writing services. While there are numerous ebook format templates available, you should be aware of some common errors. If your formatting is inconsistent, your readers may have trouble reading your eBook. To avoid these errors, follow these simple tips of Book Writing online to make your ebook more readable. You should always indent your first line, avoid inline formatting, and build a clickable link at the end of the book.

Linked TOC

An eBook’s Table of Content, or TOC, should include hyperlinks. The table of contents is a handy tool that shows readers a snapshot of the book’s scope. Book Writing Online can generate your TOC automatically in Microsoft Word. You can read a Microsoft tutorial on how to create a table of contents. Linked TOCs are preferred because they add another level of markup to the ebook and increase its usability and quality. Unlike page numbers, which are meaningless in an ebook, chapter headings should be linked.

Different conversion processes handle navigational TOC-building differently, so it’s important to use a compatible tool. Linked TOCs are much like the Table of Contents at the start of a printed book. They are only visible when the early pages of an ebook are opened. They’re generally optional. However, if you use a conversion process that supports them, they’ll automatically include a Linked TOC for your eBook.

To make a hyperlinked TOC in Word, go to the Table of Contents menu and select Custom TOC. Make sure that Show Levels is set to 1, and show page numbers is checked. If you select “Yes,” you’ll be asked if you’d like to replace the in-built TOC with a linked one. Then, insert a bookmark in your text and highlight the word Contents. You can also select the Linked TOC option under the Links tab and then click the TOC button.

When using a Linked TOC, you should also include a chapter heading. A chapter header is an important element of the main body, and it can also play a key role in establishing an easy navigation system. By including chapter headings, you can make sure that your readers will be able to find the sections they want without searching for them. You can also add chapter headings in Word if you’d like to format the text in a different way.

First-Line Ident

The first-line indent in your eBook editing service should match the paragraph margins in the rest of the manuscript. Most non-fiction and fiction have an indented first line, while website text has justified paragraphs. It’s best to use one style for your eBook formatting, but if you want to switch up the look, you can adjust the indent manually or use a ruler. In either case, be sure to select all the text and make sure that its style matches the margin.

If you are using Word to format your eBook, you can use the tab and space keys to insert an indent at the beginning of each paragraph. However, it’s important to remember that if you use the space bar, you will have an indentation on the first line of every paragraph. If you use the space bar, your indentation will be smaller, so it’s best to set the tab key to the first space. This will make the formatting process easier.

You may have learned about double-spacing in freshman comp or MFA workshops, but it’s a bad practice in an eBook. Double-spacing creates distracting white space and makes the ebook look wonky. Make sure you clear all of the tabs and check “indent first line.” Some word processors come with an automatic indent of.5, but you can change this number to three.

To set your first-line indent in your ebook, go to “Format” in your Word document. Paste the text into a plain text editor and strip the background code. The plain text looks like the image below. Once you’ve done that, paste the text into your new Word document. If you haven’t done so yet, you can still edit and add formatting to your eBook as needed.

Avoiding Inline Formatting

There are a few reasons to avoid inline ebook formatting. The first is that this can result in smaller file size. If you include images in your ebook, you can align the text in such a way that they follow the line and do not look out of place. For black and white images, you can insert them by hitting Return after the last line. For color images, use Insert > Photo> Picture From File. Then select the image you want to insert.

Inline eBook formatting is particularly damaging to readability. Ebook readers don’t respond well to page numbers and other identifying information. Rather, they will automatically insert headers with this information. If you insert these manually, you may end up messing up the formatting. So, try to avoid inline ebook formatting whenever possible. To do this, follow the tips below. Just remember: your readers aren’t going to read your ebook if the font is too large.

Building A Clickable Link

If you are an author of Book Writing Online, you might want to add a clickable link to your eBook. This can be a web address, email address, or any other website. The ebook can include a link to an author page with information about the author, bio, website, and products. But if your eBook is published on a physical medium, the hyperlink should be internal. For this reason, you can use both internal and external hyperlinks.

Before you create a hyperlink, you must be sure it works on the actual website or the ebook. To test your link, hold down the CTRL key and click on the text in question. Make sure that the link works as intended in the MS Word version, otherwise, you risk losing the chance to engage the reader. In either case, make sure that the “http://” part is visible. Then, use the “fit in window” option to display the text and margins in the browser window.


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After creating the content, it’s time to get the ebook formatted. You may want to make the table of contents interactive. This way, readers can jump from one page to the next. Make sure that the table of contents is customized, as well. If you don’t want to use HTML, consider using a program such as Visme that allows you to link different pages of the ebook. If you’re not sure what to use, check out the documentation on ebook formatting.

Adding hyperlinks is very simple. You can use the Insert menu or CTRL+K on your keyboard to create a link. You can include any text or URL you want in the hyperlink. By creating clickable links in your eBook, you’ll be able to earn money selling them. And while creating a clickable link is time-consuming, it’s well worth it. There are several options for incorporating them into your eBook.

Avoiding Junk Code

When formatting an eBook, the most important thing to do is avoid using too much junk code. It’s not only difficult to read, but it also causes your ebook to contain more junk code than necessary. You should avoid using many consecutive paragraph returns, which are considered invalid in ebooks. The Smashwords Style Guide recommends avoiding more than four paragraph returns in a row. Instead, keep your ebook flow free from page breaks.


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