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Are you tired of waiting for your first hundred books to sell? How about we switch things up and make your readers eagerly anticipate buying the book instead? Let’s craft the most captivating video trailer for your book imaginable.

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Well-known media sources often showcase the video book trailers made in our studios.

Video trailers for books, commercials, and marketing

Who better understands an author’s mind than another writer? At Book Writing Online, our focus is on writers. Why does that matter? Well, it ensures our trailer production team stays true to their goal. We handpick experts in each genre to dive deep into your book, pulling out all the essential elements to craft the perfect trailer for you.

We leverage our team of creative writers to infuse book video trailers with concepts that build suspense and excitement, keeping viewers on the edge of their seats and eager to dive into your book. Sound like what you want for your book? Get in touch with us today!

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Promotional videos for Books, Commercials, and Marketing

Writing an outstanding book is a big achievement, but being the author of a remarkable book and being the author of a bestselling book are slightly different.

Realistically speaking, a well-marketed book outsells one that is simply well-written.. So why not aim for both? Make sure your book is ready to make a big impression when it reaches the shelves by taking advantage of our professional book trailer video services. 

Our process? Just like the big publishers and successful authors do, through professional marketing. Some genres, like self-help or nonfiction, benefit from commercials, while others, like thriller, mystery, romance, and various types of fiction, shine with cinematic trailers and epic music. We’re skilled in both.

Not sure which strategy is right for you? Share what your book is about by clicking the link below, and let the pros steer you in the right direction.

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Firstly, you need to Sign up on our platform and send in your details. Your name, email address, and the details related to your project will be helpful for us to take your book to new heights. and get the experts aligned.

Outline Creation

Once you’ve signed up and sent the details related to your Fiction Writing services and project, our experts will carry out the research for the topic you’re looking to write on.

Initial Draft

After the outline is ready, we will send it to you for approval, and after it’s approved by you, Our experts will get to work, and do what they do best.

Revision And Finalization

Once we’ve completed your draft for the book, and hand over to you, and if there’s anything you need to change or remove, we are here for you. We will provide unlimited revisions till the time our clients are fully satisfied.


Once your book is completed through the help of our Fiction Writing experts, we’ll promote your book and make sure that the book gets the readers it is targeted for!


The final step to success is here, as once everything is cleared from your side from the story to writing and revisions and all, the book is finally published through our platform. You can also choose a self-publishing route

Become The Next Best Seller!

Begin your journey with Book Writing Online
and become the next bestseller.

Answers to the Frequently Asked Questions

A short film created to introduce a book to the public is called a book trailer. Like TV show and movie trailers, it provides just enough of a tease to draw in the intended audience and pique their interest. A well-written book trailer teases readers with important concepts and themes without giving too much away. You can find many examples of cinematic book trailers on YouTube.

Brainstorming is the first stage in making a book trailer. Make a list of the book’s major concepts and themes, then contrast them to determine which one best captures the plot. Map out this theme on the main plotline, and without giving away spoilers, write a script for the trailer. This script serves as a checklist for assembling all the audio, video, and voiceover components required for the film. Never forget that you may always engage an expert to manage any aspect of the procedure. BookWritingOnline manages all aspects of creating book trailers, whether it’s individual steps or the entire project.

A video for a book trailer could last anything from thirty seconds to two minutes. Rather than being directly related to the plot, the length of the trailer is determined by elements such as the book’s concept, genre, and premise.

Generally, shorter trailers are preferred. Making a longer trailer doesn’t necessarily mean putting in more effort. It’s about deftly selecting what to disclose and delivering it in the quickest amount of time. Avoid providing viewers with too much information, as it could be difficult for them to process it all. But maybe that’s what your ideal cinematic book trailer needs to be? We recommend letting a professional decide.

A cinematic book trailer is different from a book commercial. A trailer serves as a teaser to draw readers into the story, while a commercial focuses on selling copies. While both aim to market the book to the world, a trailer focuses on enticing potential readers with the book’s concept, theme, or story content. Certain genres—like nonfiction or self-help—do better in ads, while thrillers, mysteries, and romances work better in book trailers.


Book Writing Online helped many authors gain success through skillful book trailers. Their high-quality videos tell compelling stories visually and engage readers emotionally. This increases discoverability and sales for writers.

Moore W.

In the beginning, self-promotion seems tough but BWO simplifies it. Instead of just summaries, their trailers highlight characters and themes through gripping footage. This inspires authors and attracts bigger audiences.

Annabell Ison

For years, some fantasize about writing but lack skills and tools. With BWO’s patience and expertise, manuscripts become page-turners and ideas come alive on screen. Their trailers drive more traffic and opportunities, launching once-dreamed careers.

Joseph Boucher