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Here’s your chance to team up with the most respected e-book editors behind New York’s timeless bestsellers! From the moment you reach out to us until your e-book is ready for submission, expect nothing but professionalism. Some say having high expectations leads to disappointment, but at BookWritingOnline, we’d feel let down if you settled for anything less! Our top-notch e-book editing services ensure your manuscript is publication-ready in just a few business days. Instead of struggling with self-editing, which can feel impossible, let our experienced e-book editors help you achieve your dream of becoming an author sooner than you thought possible.

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We start the editing process by carefully analyzing your e-book and making necessary changes. You can rest easy knowing we handle all the complexities of e-book editing for you.

With competitive prices, we prioritize efficiency and affordability without compromising on quality.

Our skilled editors excel at meeting tight deadlines while maintaining quality. They ensure all your guidelines are followed and deliver your content promptly.

Moreover, our services are customized to suit your needs. Since there is no one-size-fits-all approach to e-book editing, we provide customizable choices. Contact us today for a quote tailored to your specific requirements.

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Give us a call or sign up with our services to share your project details.


Once the order is confirmed, our ghostwriters do thorough research and create an outline for your book.


Once the outline is approved, our ghostwriters begin to formulate an initial draft which is sent to you for approval.



If you are not completely satisfied with anything, we do a thorough revision and try to deliver completely according to your expectations.

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Firstly, you need to Sign up on our platform and send in your details. Your name, email address, and the details related to your project will be helpful for us to take your book to new heights. and get the experts aligned.

Outline Creation

Once you’ve signed up and sent the details related to your Fiction Writing services and project, our experts will carry out the research for the topic you’re looking to write on.

Initial Draft

After the outline is ready, we will send it to you for approval, and after it’s approved by you, Our experts will get to work, and do what they do best.

Revision And Finalization

Once we’ve completed your draft for the book, and hand over to you, and if there’s anything you need to change or remove, we are here for you. We will provide unlimited revisions till the time our clients are fully satisfied.


Once your book is completed through the help of our Fiction Writing experts, we’ll promote your book and make sure that the book gets the readers it is targeted for!


The final step to success is here, as once everything is cleared from your side from the story to writing and revisions and all, the book is finally published through our platform. You can also choose a self-publishing route

Become The Next Best Seller!

Begin your journey with Book Writing Online
and become the next bestseller.


Answers to the Frequently Asked Questions

An e-book is a digital copy of a printed or written book or text. It is published online rather than printed , although some e-books have an option of being printed on request.

E-Book editing is frequently mixed up with book proofreading. Book proofreading concentrates on correcting grammar, misspelling, and punctuation issues, whereas book editing takes care of formatting. Book proofreading is the last stage before publishing a book.

No work or e-book is flawless in its first draft. Every bestseller has undergone numerous rounds of editing and proofreading.

When individuals write an e-book by themselves, errors are inevitable. However, the issue arises when these mistakes go uncorrected. The human mind tends to overlook its own mistakes since they’re not always recognized as such. Therefore, it’s wise to hire professional book editors to ensure your e-book is flawless before publishing.

Our Testimonials

“Book Writing Online truly brought my thrilling ebook adventures to life through their editing expertise. As a new multimedia author, their strategic guidance made my action sequences pulse-pounding across screens. Their feedback optimized descriptive prose, instantly pulling readers deeper into each scene from start to finish.”

Moore W.

“At first, translating cinematic visions into a cohesive ebook felt daunting alone. But BWO streamlined the process with proven editorial solutions, refining character arcs and plot twists certain to keep audiences hooked till the climactic end. Their reviews strengthened formatting and pacing throughout, helping more thrill-seeking fans uncover my stories.”

Annabell Ison

“For years, these tales existed in private drafts. With BWO’s skills and patience tuning each detail, my stories transformed into tailored multimedia experiences utterly absorbing for all. Their strategic optimization boosted discovery on markets worldwide, propelling my debut action series explosively to joining top lists – the start of an adventure I’m proud to continue sharing with more global fans each day!”

Joseph Boucher