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Exploring the World of Ghostwriters: How to Hire a Skilled Wordsmith 


A literary masterpiece is on the verge of being created if you know the right cards to play. If there is some hesitation about whether or not you can pen down an outstanding book, it is time you hire a ghostwriter. Without the concern of ownership or rights of the book, these writers can dispense their valuable skills and insights into creating a book as per your desires. That being said, finding the right ghostwriter is the key to ensuring that your book is destined for the shelves in big bookstores. Not sure where to begin? Let us guide you in your journey to find the perfect skilled wordsmith.    

What is a Ghostwriter?

Whether it is an intriguing fictional novel or a descriptive non-fiction book, a ghostwriter can do a lot for you. A ghostwriter is essentially a writer who writes on your behalf. All the writing and structuring is done by them while the authorship remains with you. People hire a ghostwriter when they want a professional to craft their work into a version they could be truly proud of. Every ghostwriter strictly abides by the anonymity and confidentiality which is characteristic of their profession. They fully understand that their work will be credited under the name of someone else and don’t have any rights to claim ownership of their creation. 

With client collaboration, they can produce a draft which aligns itself with the tone and style specified by the author. Therefore, ghostwriters take into serious consideration how the author cares to be perceived and they write accordingly. By taking online ghostwriting services, you are hiring someone to be your voice and write the book as if you were writing it. Therefore, it is essential to choose wisely because your choice will ultimately reflect on the work.   

When and Why You Might Need a Ghostwriter?

Still not sure whether you want to hire a ghostwriter? Let me ask you a few questions. Are you able to convert your ideas into words which flow seamlessly? How long does it take for you to reach the targets you set out for yourselves? After you review your work, do you think that there is some room for improvement? These are some questions you need to ponder on. If the response was not favorable then it’s time you consider availing online ghostwriting services. 

When you know that you aren’t able to mould your ideas into structured content then hiring a professional is your best bet. They will not only make your content ten fold better but will save you a lot of time which you can invest in other tasks. We understand that in this day and age, people can’t steal themselves away from their busy schedules. Therefore, hiring a professional to do your work is going to be very convenient for you.

Their professionalism will bring forth productivity and efficiency which, otherwise, you would have to be accountable for. However, this doesn’t mean that you will be left out of the equation. Ghostwriting is a collaborative effort, where you will be involved at every stage of its production. You have the vision and they have the ability to transform that into the right words. 

Another reason why hiring a ghostwriter is a good idea is that they can spin your complex concepts into easier chunks of content which can be digested by the reader. They are very mindful of the tone of the book and ensure it remains consistent throughout the length of the book. In the end, all the rights of the book will be given to you so it really is a win-win situation for both you and the writer. 

Finding Experienced Ghostwriters

When you are looking to hire a ghostwriter, finding ones which are experienced can be quite tricky. Many online ghostwriting services have appeared, promising to provide you with experienced writers. However, most times than not, they fail to do so. Our platform hand picks the most skilled and talented ghostwriters out there so we can provide you with an outstanding service.

For us, the quality of work being provided matters which is why we never compromise on the hiring process. We stress a lot on appointing ghostwriters with good prior experience and adherence to guidelines. Therefore, if you are in search of professional ghostwriters then no need to look further. We offer a range of writers at affordable prices with varying experiences. It is upto to choose the one you think is the best. 

The hiring process is simplified for your ease so you can find a ghostwriter with us in absolutely no time. We will link you with your potential ghostwriters and you can see whether it is a good match. If it isn’t, which we understand happens sometimes, we can connect you with another writer. At the end of the day, it is all about your satisfaction and we strive our hardest to make sure that we provide it.  

Evaluating a Ghostwriter’s Portfolio 

To see whether a ghostwriter is the right fit for your project, it is recommended that you assess their portfolio. Ask them for their past work, which is preferably in the niche you want to write your book in. It would be even better if these are recent samples as they would be a more accurate portrayal of how their writing style is at the time of hiring. 

Once you are able to establish the relevance of their samples with the project you pitched to them, it would be easier to gauge their writing style and tone. Therefore, you can determine whether or not it aligns with what you want the project to look like.

Try to discern how much research they have put in their work because that is reflective of how seriously they take their task. The next thing is to see how well they have communicated what they have researched to the audience. The quality of the work will speak for itself. Their adherence to rudimentary principles of writing should be supplemented by their creativity. 

If the book is on a technical topic then you need to analyze their ability to handle complex topics and simplify them for the ease of the readers. If it is a fictional book then evaluate how they develop their storylines and build their characters.When you hire a ghostwriter, taking these points into consideration will ensure that your book is in trusted hands.

The Collaboration Process

As previously mentioned, availing online ghostwriting services is actually a collaborative process. You can’t just pitch an idea to the ghostwriter and let them figure the rest out on their own. Before you hire a ghostwriter, you need to clarify to them how the collaboration is going to work out. It could look different from project to project and you will need to decide what approach is best for you. 

The most vital part of collaborative efforts is that the communication channels between you and the writer are always open. There should be a level of trust between you so that the writer can share their concerns and opinions without being fearful. This communication should be two-way which means your feedback on their work should be present as well. This lets them know what they are doing right and the areas where there can be some improvement. 

Conduct brainstorming sessions with the ghostwriters, so that both of you can contribute something valuable in the project. This ensures that the creative juices are always flowing and the work doesn’t become stagnant. Note that before the ghostwriter begins writing, they should have access to all the background information and supporting material which you deem are necessary for the project to proceed. It can also be beneficial, if you keep checking in with them regularly. This will encourage them to stay consistent with their work.    

Confidentiality and Rights 

For any ghostwriting arrangement, confidentiality is a critical element. It is entirely up to you whether you want the writer to keep the work confidential until the end of the contract or not disclose it at all. We understand that such projects are more sensitive then some of its counterparts as the ownership will stay with you. You may ask the ghostwriter to not share the work with their potential clients as a sample even after the project is done.

When you are availing online ghostwriting services, the rights of authorship will remain with you. The contract should mention the same thing. The rights should be decided before the work is started so that no problems arise later on. This is done to protect not only you but also the writer. Having such clauses in the contract will ensure that no disputes happen and the work can be easily transferred from the writer after it is done. 

Budgeting for Ghostwriting Services

When budgeting it is important to identify the different factors which determine the price you should set on the project. To get a general idea of the budget, try to do a market survey of all the online ghostwriting services and get a range of what the prices are. To further narrow down your budget, evaluate the scope and complexity of the work you are pitching to the ghostwriter. Some niches and formats of book require more research and effort then the others and, therefore, that should be taken into account.

Word count is yet another factor which is a deciding factor in budgeting. Some ghostwriters charge on the basis of number of words. Take that into consideration and propose a price which is suitable for both you and the writer. However, before you do that it is vital that you assess the writer’s past work to gauge their experience. The more experienced writers would require you to pay them at a higher rate which is why you should decide accordingly. 

Contracts and Agreements

Prior to the commencement of work, the contracts and agreements should be finalized. This lays down the legal and professional foundation of your working relationship with the writer. Therefore, when you hire a ghostwriter specify the terms and conditions in the most simplest manner possible. 


With new online ghostwriting services emerging every single day, it can be difficult to filter through them and find the best possible writer for your project. Which is why we have elaborated on the factors to consider when hiring a ghostwriter. After evaluating potential writers on the basis of the criteria, we have also outlined the way to proceed further. Ghostwriting doesn’t have to be a difficult process but very little is known about the steps you can take to ensure your experience is good. If that is the case, then you may find this guide quite helpful. 

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