Finding out How to tell if a book is Fiction or Nonfiction? 2024

Finding out How to tell if a book is Fiction or Nonfiction? 2024

Fiction and Nonfiction stories have their own sets of unique points that attract their readers now and then. A reader may want to read about scientific facts, journalistics, their famous personality, or any event that is about to take place or has taken place in the past would go for Nonfictional stories. Anyone who wants to taste entertainment with stories like Aladin, or maybe Cinderella, or our favorite Spider-Man will take the Fictional route anytime in the day. But, as a new reader, who has just been fascinated by the benefits of book reading, how’d you find what’s real and what’s not? How to tell if a book is fiction or nonfiction? We’ll help you find the answer and make sure that you’re not confused next time you scroll through a platform selecting books to read, or maybe visit a physical store to buy some.   

What is a Nonfiction Book?

Is nonfiction real? Yes. It is. Nonfiction books are the literary works of writers and authors who tend to present the reality of a specific thing that may have happened in the past or predict the future based on facts. Nonfictions bring the real stories of anything or anyone. For example, You’re an author who is highly inspired by the basketball legend Michael Jordan, because of his contributions to the game and the youth at large. You decide to write a book, or a biography on him. It’s safe to say apart from a few little things here and there, a major chunk of that story will be based on truth, the journey he went through to be the player we knew, and the Jordan we cherish today. This sort of a story can never be rated as a fictional book, or story just because of the few things you missed, or the few things that have nothing to do with his real life. 

What Is a Fictional Book?

A fictional story usually is about one person’s thoughts, imagination, extraordinary visions about life, or maybe his escape from one point to another.  A fictional story solely belongs to the one who is writing it. Taking Michael Jordan’s example once again, you can not listen to his story, get inspired, and then write a story like Batman, the idea is absurd within itself. You have to write a story on him if you’re inspired, that’s the whole idea here. The fictional flicks purely come out of an author’s head and don’t need a secondary stream of story necessarily to complement

Now we’ll look into different genres of both the stories that are common and let you know how you can differentiate between fiction and nonfiction.

The Topics That Look the Same

Historical Flicks

Historical flicks in both genres are very common. As it is a topic that both worlds look to base their stories upon often. The fictional world looks at these stories as another unique way to present their creativity in front of readers and audiences. The Nonfictional stories are set up on real historical events that have posed an impact on today’s world as well. Now., to find out whether the book you have in your hand has the right history or fictionalized. There are multiple things you can do: 

  • If you even sense that the book is floating away from realities at certain points, stop there. Turn pages and check the description and the author’s note, there you’ll get to know what is it.
  • Check the facts on any given search engine. We have the liberty of the Internet to cross-check any facts and figures these days. 
  • Look for the citations and the references provided by the author in the book. 
  • Research about the author, maybe his/her niche is not even remotely close to what you’re trying to find in a book.

Romantic Flicks

These stories are often confused between Fiction and Nonfiction. Most of the stories in the category are based on the old times (At least the ones I’ve gone through). The fairy tale love story between two individuals can be anything, it can look real by all means, connect with many individuals in the readership, and still be fictional. One might be as real as it can get, but never finds the space in the market as a Nonfiction book. So, it’s confusing most of the time. Here’s how you can break the barrier and find what’s the true story.

  • Despite utmost similarities, Nonfiction books would still be based on real-life love stories of people, and have something in common with you, Fictional stories may still find a way out and manage to grab the writer’s imagination mid-way. 
  • If you’re still not able to gauge what is a nonfiction book, and what’s not in the romance section of the library, you can verify the story through the internet once again. 
  • Put yourself in the situation of the characters,  If you think that your life can be like this at some point in time, or has been this, maybe that’s nonfiction. You may find a book that reads fiction but relates to you anyway, but that’s another case.

War & Crime 

War and Crime stories are often written in the literature world. The main reason for this is people’s unwanted attraction to violence. The main goal of these stories, Either fiction or nonfiction, is to maybe tell people that violence and crime on any day is an option that is not suitable. Although Nonfiction is real and Fiction is not, the violence portrayed in the books, and films should be avoided (That is a Personal Opinion). Anyway, here’s how you can judge what’s real and what’s not

  • The war stories you’re looking to read, or you are reading right now can be labeled as fake or real based on their specific writing styles. Writers when they’re going for a fictional story tend to exaggerate the storyline through extraordinary suspense and unnecessary action involved in between sometimes. Nonfiction books will keep the facts right and mostly portray what has happened in the past rather than exaggerating the whole scene.
  • You need to seek an expert to see if the story is being dragged from one way to another. 
  • You can look into getting a critical analysis of a book, as many war stories that are fiction-based will always have a section that critically analyzes true events that took place.

Nature and Beauty of The World

Exploring nature, and the beauty of the world through the galor of words is often touched subject by both Fiction and nonfiction book authors and writers. This may make your query even firm nonfiction is real or fake, and is fiction fake, because nature’s beauty is a topic that is widely written and read in both entities. Here are a few tips and tricks for you to determine whether the book is fiction or nonfiction:

  • You can strangely, but rightfully so at your place check for the achievements and awards the book has received. Many nature-related books that are fictionalized have elements of their beauty so much that they have written honors and awards. Reality these days is a lot different than what is shown in the book. 
  • Explore the theme of the book, check what’s the purpose of the writer, the format, and how the whole story is structured. This will help in telling you if is nonfiction real or fake, or if the story is even relevant in today’s world which is suffering a lot due to the horrors of the environment.
  • You can also take a look at the Titles, and Chapters of the book. Nonfiction books usually have a structured sort of theme related to titles and chapter names, while the fictional world always opts for creativity within them.
  •  Another way you can differentiate between the two entities is through the authors or the publishers. As many of them write, or publish the same genre of books, be it fiction, or nonfiction.

To Conclude

This blog was an attempt to help you find out how to tell which book is a work of fiction, and which book is real and is based upon truth and events that took place in the world. We went through the basic differences in the meanings of the two words Nonfiction and Fiction. We looked at the topics that are usually welcomed, written, and published by both fictional and nonfiction writers and publishers. We also shed some light on the points which will be helpful for you to notify which of the books you read, or have read in the past are fiction, and which of them are nonfiction. The blog is a work of the writer’s research, anything that is found to be incorrect is a human error that may have occurred during the writing of this blog. For more such blogs on topics related to writing, follow us on our social media at Facebook, and Instagram.

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