Finding Out How You Can Get a Screenwriting Agent!

Finding Out How You Can Get a Screenwriting Agent!

Screenwriting is a genre very few adopt and work through because it is time-consuming, has a format that doesn’t fit with everyone and it requires a load of creativity in its nature for perfection. The creativity of people isn’t all good, and many people often lag in it. So, it’s safe to say that people go for other career options. But, despite the rarity in the field, numerous people have penned stories for screenwriting. It’s very important to find the right screenwriter for your story, who knows the work, understands the concept of screenwriting, and knows the field in-to-out. Here’s our attempt to help you in finding out how you can get a screenwriting agent for yourself!

Screenwriter’s Definition and Role 

Anyone who knows how to write an attractive story, that binds with the viewers through compelling storytelling, brilliant characters, and masterfully carved action sequences is known to be a Screenplay Writer or a Screenwriter. The filmmaking procedure is incomplete without a screenwriter, as they bring storylines, characters, dialogues, and sequences to the table. They can work independently, or with a team of writers, but their impact on a film, TV serials, and multiple series can’t be ignored. The role of a writer begins with his concept, and ideas, where they visualize and work through the story in his head, and starts writing according to the formats. They, then research and revise the work they’ve done before handing it over to the production team for further work. This brief description of a writer will let you know who is a screenwriter and how to get an agent as a screenwriter.

The screenplay that shines!

How to get a screenwriting agent is an often-asked question. People have scripts ready in their hands, they’ve tried to submit and get the work done on it, but they don’t get the response they need. Here’s a list of points you’re probably missing out on, let’s look at them:

Importance of Having a Good Screenwriter. 

You need to have a premium screenwriter for your story, and the reason for it is that they will know the norms of screenwriting and storytelling better. They know how to format, write, and structure the whole thing and provide a piece of writing work that meets the demand of your script, is well-written, and according to industry standards. You would also want to work with an agent who has a strong reputation for work. This will assure you of a more professional screenwriting agent’s work. 

Analysis Of Your Script Before Submission

Before submitting your script to screenwriting agents, you must conduct a detailed analysis of it to ensure that you’re doing well concerning the format and structures. Make sure to always align your script according to the standards set in the industry, that’ll be very helpful in finding how to get an agent for screenwriting. Positive presentation of a script is another point people who seek a screenwriter’s service often miss. You need to check for the smallest of grammatical, typos, and formatting errors to get the best for yourself through an agent.

Finding The Potential Agents

To find the right potential agents for your script, you have to make sure that all the aforementioned things are fixed, and the boxes are ticked. Once you’re assured of all the mentioned things and have done your research as well, you are now prepared for everything that comes around, and now you can go out looking for the right screenwriter with a bit of knowledge.

Reputable Names

Always go for a reputable option, or an agent/agency that is reputable as that will be assisting in many ways for you. If you contact a reputable name in the market, you’ll surely get quality services, and not only that, your confidential, or hidden work up till now will be safe from any sort of theft. You’ll also get to know the mistakes you’ve made in the script. 

Connect with the Resource

You need to connect with every resource you have regarding your script and screenwriting venture. Stay in touch with the databases and professional organizations that’ll be a major help for you in connecting with resources. They’ll also let you know about some of the seminars or events that are taking place near you, which assures you that you’ll have enough connections within the industry.

Send Your Query

Now that you’ve known how to connect with people who are influential, and will guide your way to connect with the right agencies or writers, let’s learn how to send your queries to them in a professional manner.

Personalize, and Introduce the Work

Always personalize your introduction and address the person by his/her name, this is a point many people miss out on. Introduce the writing you’ve done, and try to summarize the work within a line or two that captivates the agency, and potentially hire you for the work.

Summarize Your Work

Never forget to summarize your work with the intriguing points it has. No script or screenplay is completely dull, there are many things, or specific pointers in your writing work that will catch the eye of screenwriting agents. Make sure that your summary is presentable, and represents your style of writing effectively.

Bear Patience

Once you’ve submitted your query, Now just sit back and relax. Patiently wait for the arrival of their response, the usual waiting time in such agencies is approximately 4-8 weeks, in the meantime, you can start a new project, or maybe continue the one you’ve sent to the screenwriting agents, or anything that may fit. You’ve to bear patience to get a response, and if you think that they’ve taken way more time than they should, just send a polite reminder about your query. 

Internet Potential and Utilization

The Internet can be a very useful tool for you to utilize the script and helpful to you on how to get a screenwriting agent. The potential the internet has is not hidden from any human nowadays, anyone sitting from anywhere can post any material online and you’ll get to know about it in a split second. So make sure you’re in touch with the industry’s websites to ensure that you are always on the right track. They’ll help you in getting the work done in the best manner and assure guidance as well. It is very important for you as a work finder to be extremely active on social platforms, and to be updated with their queries, and openings that’ll assist you in finding a quicker response.

Contests and Fellowship

Send the script to a few of the contests fellowships, and programs that offer a good writer some benefits like residencies, workshops, and support that’ll be a help for you in the future. You can try your luck, contest, and win a prize that could be a major deal with a production house, or some money. Some of these contests and fellowships are also affiliated with production houses, or they are backed by a director, or a screenplay writer themselves, so looking at it with that perspective, you have a great chance of making contacts.

Agencies You Can Get In Touch With

There are several reputed agencies you can get in touch with to answer your query of how to get a screenwriting agent for TV, a web series, or a film. These are big guns of the industry, and they always look to attract newer, and creative people to the market.

We’ve highlighted some of them for you to navigate through them, and find the best option for yourself.

United Talent Agency is a reputable name in the talent and literary arena, known for always seeking fresh faces and creative minds and ideas to innovate in their work. They’re located in every major city in the USA. Contacting them for screenwriting work will be a major upsize in your profession, and maybe provide you a kickstart that you need in the industry.

Creative Artists Agency is another huge name in the industry that will be at your assistance. Contact them, and there’s a good that your idea gets picked by any of their screenwriters.

Gersh Agency is one of the most respected talent and literary agencies, It has major contributions to the film and TV industry through professionals. They have been working for a very long time, and your script getting scree written by them will be a major boosting factor in your career.


This blog tried to cover all the major points, from the definition of a Screenwriter, their role, their method of work, and their job description. We also looked at the factors that can help you hire a screenwriting agent for your script, what you need to do, and how you need to do it. This blog was a research-based one and may have opinions that solely belong to the writer. Any differences in the opinions are welcomed, in case of any disagreements with the content above. Follow our platform BWO for more blogs, and follow us on our Facebook and Instagram pages.

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