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Prominent Science Fiction Horror Writers

Our dedicated writers have a passion for crafting horror books. Each new project ignites our enthusiasm to deliver top-tier books for our clients.

The Premier Destination for Elite Horror Science Fiction Writers

Our skilled team of writers loves dabbling in various genres, but they truly shine in horror fiction. They pay close attention to detail, add eerie supernatural effects, and know how to send shivers down readers’ spines. If by any chance a client isn’t happy with their book (though it’s rare), our writers are quick to make any necessary changes. We always make sure our past clients are happy before diving into new projects, which helps us work more smoothly and maintain our high-quality standards.

Years of Experience


Years of Experience

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Books Written

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American Writers

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Your Extensive Supply of Expert Fantasy Horror Writers

This is your opportunity to enlist the industry’s leading ghostwriters to bring your book to life.

Our writers’ extensive experience greatly enhances their proficient writing and communication skills with clients. Although building a captivating horror book is crucial, our writers prioritize keeping clients involved every step of the way.

We don’t proceed with a single chapter until our clients are fully satisfied with the quality of the previous ones. Ultimately, we aim to create a memorable experience for our clients, regardless of the approach.

Our writers excel in various niches of horror writing, showcasing incredible skills in:.

  • Comedy horror
  • Gothic
  • Dark fantasy
  • Paranormal
  • Supernatural
  • Post-Apocalyptic
  • Psychological
  • Slashers about serial killers or psychos
  • Science fiction horror
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    Reserve your spot by filling a simple brief form, and be instantly welcomed by one of our cordial project managers, who will take in all the information you have to share about your book.



    Research & Outline
    Translation Draft

    We will select a passionate translator best-suited to your needs to carry out your task. The translator will start their research and draft a translation outline for it to be approved by you. Once approved, the translator will start translating the first chapter.



    First Chapter

    Once the first chapter is completely translated, it is sent to you for your approval. As soon as the author approves the first chapter and is completely satisfied with it, our translator then continues translating the rest of the chapters in a similar manner.



    Editing &

    Once the whole book is entirely translated, it is sent to our professional proofreaders, who carefully eliminate any errors and ensure the content of the book is flawless.



    Typesetting& Designing

    Once the content is finalized, our teammates format it in an organized manner and design it aesthetically for the readers to admire. In this process, the book is ready to be published.



    Publishing &

    Before and after publishing, our proficient book marketers carry out unique marketing strategies and create the buzz for your book publishing. Our efficient marketing tactics will make your book rank high among the bestsellers.


    our skilled ghost writers will incorporate a combination of charts, colours, graphics, and call outs to support the e-book’s theme, and help you dramatically improve the content of your e-book.

    • Services of Expert niche specific Ghostwriters
    • Full ownership rights to the eBook
    • Well researched, properly formatted, and user friendly content
    • Content that establishes you as the subject matter expert
    • 100% Original and grammatically correct content
    • Multiple level quality checks before delivery
    • On time delivery in any format you need (.doc, .pdf, etc.)
    Find answers here to the most Frequently Asked Questions.

    Horror is a genre in fiction writing that aims to frighten, scare, or terrify readers through its stories. A book that evokes fear or shock is referred to as horror fiction. How this feeling of terror is created varies from writer to writer. Since horror writing is fictional, many horror stories unfold in imagined, frightening worlds. Despite sounding scary, lots of people prefer reading horror books over watching horror movies, as book scenes are often less exaggerated and more believable.

    A key aspect that distinguishes a horror fiction book from a horror film is that, while reading, the reader can imagine the entire story in their mind. This visualization varies from reader to reader, depending on their reading abilities. Therefore, a quality horror fiction book should leave a lasting impression on the reader and evoke a chilling effect. A skilled fiction writer should avoid excessive detail, keeping the story fictional yet believable, prompting the reader to contemplate, “What if this happened to me?

    We make sure that the material we’ve created is of the greatest caliber before publishing it to Wikipedia. We look into the topic you are enthusiastic about and conducting in-depth research are essential components that have a significant impact on the quality of your article. We then submit your written article for publication when you’ve made sure it’s error-free and follows Wikipedia’s editing criteria.

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    Our Testimonials

    Book Writing Online helped bring my sinister visions to life. As a debut horror author, their guidance elevated my tale’s chills and thrills. Their nuanced support cultivated suspense and intrigue, empowering readers to glean insights from terrors


    Andrew McDonald

    #1 New York times-bestselling author Over 1 million copies sold!

    Initially, exposing disturbing dreams takes courage. Book Writing Online eased vulnerabilities through compassionate partnership. Their discerning yet understanding feedback honed frightening scenes’ impacts, prioritizing audiences’ wellness above all


    Dwayne Smith

    #1-ranked agent on Publishers Marketplace

    Years ago, nightmares stirred creatively within. With patience and care, Book Writing Online’s skilled hands helped structure horrors into a work illuminating darkness. Their grace shines through in craftily guiding hopes and fears to lives open to healing


    Garry Sobers

    Authors include Rachel Hollis, Tilman Fertitta, and John C Maxwell