How Do I Buy Audio Books For My iPhone?

Before you can buy audiobooks for your iPhone, you must first learn how to use audiobook services. There are several ways to get audiobooks, from Audible to Google Play Books to Overdrive. Below are some of the most popular ones provided by Book Writing Online. Once you understand the process, you’ll be able to buy audiobooks easily. You can download them on your iPhone through various services, and choose those that suit your needs best.


If you want to buy audiobooks for iPhone, you’ll need an Audible account. You can sign in with your Amazon account or your Audible username. Once you have an account, you can purchase books directly on the Audible website. To buy audiobooks on Audible for iPhone, follow the steps below:

You’ll first want to download the Audible app to your iPhone. You can either buy the audiobook with credits or cash and then add it to your library. Apple has blocked Amazon from selling eBooks through its apps, as they take 30% of the sale. Audible is an alternative to Amazon’s subscription service. Its app is orange with a beautiful open book design. When the book downloads, you can press the play button to listen to it.

After downloading the Audible app, go back to the Apple Books app and look for an audiobook icon. From there, select an audiobook that you’d like to listen to. Alternatively, use the search bar to search for specific titles or authors and click the “buy” button. Then, you’ll be able to listen to the audiobook. The same process applies to buying an audiobook on your iPhone.

Apple Books makes it easy to access a library of books. However, if you don’t want to use the app, you can also try other subscription services. Apple’s iTunes store provides a variety of genres and categories, including fiction, non-fiction, and memoir. And Audible also has a curated list of more than 50,000 titles. For example, you can search for “audiobooks” by genre, keyword, author, or title to find the perfect audiobook for your iPhone.


To buy an audiobook for iPhone, you must first visit the Amazon website and find the Kindle section. After clicking that, your phone should automatically redirect to the app. Once you’re there, tap on the ‘Buy Now’ button. Follow the instructions that pop up. Once you’ve selected a book, you’ll be taken to the product details page. You can then purchase the book.

After you’ve created your account, you can start purchasing books and audiobooks. You can also listen to your audiobook while you read the book. Once you’re done, you can use the Kindle app to switch between reading and listening. It’s also easy to find books and download them to your phone. You can choose your preferred narration speed and adjust the volume. You can also choose whether you want the narration to be fast or slow.

To purchase an audiobook, you need to download the Kindle app from the App Store and open it. You’ll find several different titles there. You can browse the categories or browse by price to find a book you’ll like. When you’ve found a book that you’re interested in, click on the ‘Table of Contents icon to preview its contents. You can also click on the ‘Now Playing’ button to start listening.

Google Play Books

To buy audiobooks for iPhones, visit the Google Play Books app. You can search for books in 17 different categories, and there are a variety of free audiobook options. Many books also have PDF files and charts that can be downloaded for further reading. Audible offers a seamless experience with the ability to sync progress and location between all devices. If you’re traveling, you can download an audiobook to your iPhone and listen on the go.

After you’ve downloaded Google Play Books to your iPhone, you’ll need to download the audiobook. You’ll find this option in the Library tab. Click on the book’s album cover to learn more about it. If you’re buying for the first time, you may be prompted to input your payment information. After all, audiobooks are usually in high demand and have an extensive audience.

The Google Play Books app is free for all devices and is available in respective app stores. Download Google Play Books to your iPhone or Android device and explore the collection of audiobooks. You can also purchase audiobooks on iOS by opening Google Play Books in Safari. Be sure to enable Wi-Fi-only downloads in the settings menu. Otherwise, you won’t be able to listen to your audiobooks in the background or export them to other devices.


There are many different ways to download audiobooks to your iPhone, and the easiest way is to check out a library’s collection and borrow them. A subscription to Libby or Overdrive can give you access to more than half a million titles. If you are a public library user, you may also be able to borrow audiobooks and ebooks through the library’s digital media lending service. If you don’t have a library card, you can check out books through the Overdrive application, which also allows you to manage your library’s media.

Once you have set up your account with Audible, you can access the titles you’ve purchased in your library on the device. You can also search for specific titles by the author. After locating the book you’d like to purchase, you can tap the “Buy Now” button. Then, you can confirm your purchase by tapping the “Confirm Purchase” button. After you’ve made the payment, you’ll see a “Thank You” page, indicating that you’ve successfully bought a book.

Once you’ve chosen your book, you’ll need to download it to your iPhone. Downloading an audiobook is as easy as tapping the play button on the device. In the space next to the “borrow” button, tap “Download to your device” and the book will begin to download. After a couple of minutes, the book cover will disappear, allowing you to listen to it while you’re traveling.


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If you’ve been looking for an audiobook app for your iPhone or iPad, you might want to try Libby. Libby works with 90 percent of North American public libraries and has now gone even further with Apple CarPlay compatibility. With this app, you can play audiobooks right from your dashboard, as well as use the sound system to control the volume. Rakuten OverDrive, which develops popular digital reading platforms, developed the app.

Libby audiobooks for iPhone come with several great features. The app allows you to browse and borrow e-books and audiobooks from your local library. The app will also allow you to renew your borrowed audiobooks. To use Libby, you must first sign in or create an Overdrive account. If you are under the age of 13, you need to select I am under 13 years old to access the app. You can browse titles by subject or search for them by title.

Libby can be downloaded free of charge from the App Store or Google Play. It asks you for your library card number and PIN. This information will be verified and you can even give the card a name if you want. It is possible to store multiple cards so you can use different accounts. However, be sure to set up an account before downloading any audiobooks. A library card must be present to use the app.


Before you can use Hoopla on your iPhone, you need to sign up with your library’s account. You need a unique email address so you can access the service. Once you have a library account, you can stream Hoopla audiobooks and eBooks on your iPhone or iPad, or an Android device. You can also stream Hoopla content on Smart TVs with Chromecast built-in. Then, all you have to do is download the Hoopla Digital app from your iOS or Android device. Simply search for “hoopla digital” in the app store. After you’ve downloaded the app, you will need a network connection to play audiobooks or ebooks.

Hoopla has more than 800,000 titles and is free for anyone to download. There are no late fees, offline availability, and seamless syncing across devices. Users can also download books for listening to later. However, you may be restricted to the size of each title. If you want to listen to a large variety of books at once, you should sign up for the free trial offer.

If you’re a library cardholder, you can also use Hoopla to download free audiobooks from your library. Download the app, sign in with your library account information, and you’re ready to enjoy the audiobooks anytime, anywhere. You can even listen to audiobooks while you’re locked in your room. With Hoopla, you can borrow audiobooks from libraries all around the country. You can stream them or download them to your iPhone. 

All of the above-mentioned ways are effective and can help you in achieving your task. We hope this article of Book Writing Online helped you in buying audiobooks for your iPhone.


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