Explaining How Long Does It Take To Edit a Book!

Explaining How Long Does It Take To Edit a Book!

Imagine you’ve followed the guidelines from your writing mentors, joined communities to enhance your writing work, and skills, and made loads of effort and you now finally have a manuscript in your hand that is complete, and ready to publish. You’re excited because you’ve traveled the hard yards and made the efforts count. You’ve sorted it all, right? Well, not actually. You’ve not! The problem will begin the moment your book goes for the editing procedure, you’ll find the mistakes that you never thought would be there, and you’ll quite possibly lose your interest in writing, because of the mistakes that are bursting out of the project you wrote wholeheartedly. These mistakes though, will only pave the way for a better work ahead in terms of your literary. In the following blog, we’ll try to figure out what is the job of a book editor, and how long it takes to edit a book, ensuring your success instantly.

Is It That Necessary?

One would ask, why do I need to get my book edited, or maybe, what is the need for the whole book editing process? So, let’s just take an example of why you need it for your ready manuscript. Imagine, it’s your wedding, and you’ve booked the most precious location and hired a cameraman who not only knows the art but also has the best equipment in the town. The photographer will click your photos, and deliver you sometime later after post-processing. Why does the cameraman/team bother to edit, or process your photos when they’re clicked by the best camera person and the best equipment available? The simplest answer to the question is that you don’t want to have a single spot of error in your memories with those pictures. The same goes for writing, and editing your manuscript. See, writers and authors take care of their work as their children, and they don’t want to have a spot in it, so, the editing procedure will allow your brainchild to be the best among the others, and make sure, that any error or any spot that becomes a potential disaster in the future is noted and removed promptly. Now that we’ve given you an insight into why it’s necessary to edit your book, we’ll now look into the types of editing that are done these days to remove an iota of error that is to be found in your brainchild, ensuring that it remains spotless.

Types Of Editing Services

Editing services are not very simple and easy to go with, there are many processes through which your potential super-hit book will go through to finally hit the shelf of the store, and then of the readers, We’ll have a look into some of those processes:

Copy Editing

This type of service ensures that your child is free from any sort of grammatical, punctuation, and factual error, making sure that your book is reading correctly and telling the right info to your readers.

Line Editor

A line editor will make sure that your sentences are reading great. They will look into the sentences, and their contexts and make sure the readability is intact, giving out an experience for your readers that stands out. Want to know more about Line editing, take a look at our blogWhat is a line edit

Development Editor

This sort of editor will make sure that there are no loopholes, or mistakes to be found in your storylines. They will make sure that your story fits well in its place, and your message, or the story itself is delivered in the right way to your readers without any disruptions.

Now, we’ll categorically look into the time each editing procedure takes, and have a final look at the time the whole process would take to come up with the final product.

So, How Long Does It Take to Edit a Book?

The editing process mainly depends upon what are the page count and words of your book. Depending on this, the different processes of editing will work precisely in their specific domains, and then carve out the book to you that is final, perfectly handmade! Let’s delve into the important part, how long will it take to edit a book

Copy Editing

We’ve established earlier that your book, or “your child” will get its mistakes fixed, and the grammatical and punctuation errors will all be noted and deleted. But, here’s the catch, the editing process isn’t as easy as it seems. A book, regardless of its genre, will take a hefty amount of time to be fully copy-edited, and ready for the next procedure. An average-sized book, of around 50-70k words and 250-280 pages will take up at least a month for it to be fully ready, and have its copy editing box ticked. The copy editors will make sure that your brainchild is nurtured with perfection and precision, helping it to face the readers, and attracting them towards it.

Development Editing

The hard part in the editing department arrives here. You’d be thinking that your brainchild is ready to be shipped across the globe once you have your copy editing right, But the next step is a bit longer, and you need to bear more patience, Development editing requires more precision in terms of the work, as this part of has to look into the structure, plot, story, and the connection of the story with your theme and genre. This side of editing is not just a simple word-to-word edit, rather it’s something that will be the base for the presentation of a well-structured story to your readers. An average-sized book, of 50-70k words and 250 pages will take at least a few weeks, or a few months if your book or your special brainchild has the elements in the story that need to be looked at more precisely.

Line Editing

The structure is covered by the development editors, and grammar is corrected by the copy editors, Now, all you need to have in you’re almost there with your book. Your child or the book will also eat up a lot of your time in getting aligned with the line editors. The line editing procedure is another one of the detailed processes that is necessary to hold once you’ve decided to get your book through the whole process. Here, your book will take up at least a month or two to get the book ready, depending on how complex your writing is, and what’s the context of the story.

Editing Equals To Graduation

Well, this is a very personal opinion, but, for writers and authors who have worked through the writing process, and made sure that they are writing the best possible reading product for their readers, is like a man, who worked his heart out to raise his child, gave him the best of the comforts, and provided him with the greatest possible education in the town, now, all that you’re waiting for is your child, getting the graduation’s degree in his child, and celebrating wild to meet the world of opportunities ahead. This is what your book is when you send it through for the editing procedure after making all the necessary efforts from your side. The child’s fate now depends upon the hands he’s transferred to, and how will they use the goods, ignore, correct, or sometimes delete the bad and replace them with something better.

Final Thoughts

This blog was an effort to educate our viewers about how they can get their books edited, and how long it takes to edit a book. We went through the different stages, and types of editing services that are most needed if you are looking to write, and publish your book. We also, looked at how much estimated time every procedure will take, ensuring that your book is on the right track for publication, and readership. The blog was based on the research done by the writer, and any mistake that is found in the article is due to human error. Want to know more related to book writing and editing, follow Book Writing Online on our social media at Facebook, Instagram, X, and Pinterest.


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