How to Become a Children’s Book Author, 2024 Ultimate Guide: Fully Updated!

How to Become a Children’s Book Author, 2024 Ultimate Guide: Fully Updated!

Writing books is a difficult task for many renowned authors because you have to decide what you are looking to write, what is your niche, and what audience you are willing to write for. It is difficult to gauge all that and then come up with compelling content that meets the demands. But, writing a children’s book is very difficult for you, because their childish nature will never fully tell you what they want from a book, whether it’s graphical or galor of words. You won’t decide what is their exact need. If you’re willing to become a children’s book author, here’s our guide to help you become one. You won’t be a master of it instantly, but you will surely have the roadmap to become one. Let us look into the things that decide your fate, on how to become a children’s book author!

Why a Children’s Book Author? 

The children’s book writing arena can be very rewarding to an author. The children’s book author will have a playground that is very wide open for him to play in. The thing is, many writers write on topics that are pleasing to the adults who are in love with reading, but hardly anyone finds the right time and, of course, the right topic to write for children. Kids writers are unique in many ways as they can easily get successful in the market that rarely broadens, and find their future safe and secure through writing for children. Since you are now on cloud 9 thinking that your book will be a massive hit amongst the children, it won’t be that easy. Let us know how you can master the art and make the dream actual.  

Clarity with Idea!

You need to have a variety of ideas to write about children. When you look to engage a vulnerable audience, in the sense that they’ll like one thing one day, and hate it the next, you need to have a plethora of ideas to compensate for the one that just failed, or seems to be. A good children’s book writer will always have an arsenal of ideas and plans moving forward inside his head to make up for the ideas that he has lost in the process. 

Ready, Steady, Read!

The simple four-lettered word is enough for you to understand. This part is a replica of research when you are writing a nonfiction flick, because when you write nonfiction, you tend to search a lot for things, and you put every step, or word very carefully. So read, and for you to become a good children’s book writer, this habit of yours will be more than helpful for you to make your name in the market. 

Spend time with one around you!

This seems to be an absurd idea for someone who is looking to write a book. But, you need to understand that your audience is bracketed between 3-9 years, and they won’t be sitting around in places like malls, and food centers frequently without a guardian. Now, for you to become a better children’s book writer, you have to spend a lot of time with them to make sure you get to know about them and write accordingly. This part in children’s book writing can be named as the identification of the target audience when you write a fictional book. 

Writing Habit for you is a must!

As someone who is looking to write a book for children, this might be something easy as they do not have to put in much grammar, or much specialized sort of words in the book, but! That’s not the case. You need to retain, or maintain a habit of writing, because as an author, you have to be loyal to your work, and at least set and maintain a target that will ensure you are writing regularly. 

Be with other authors.

To become the best, you have to be around the best. Look and search for the children’s book writers around you, and try to get in touch with them, that will make sure that you are constantly learning about the unique work of art which is children’s book writing. Another purpose of being around kids writers is that you’ll always get to know more about the children’s specialized things, such as cartoony graphics and maybe cars, or Barbies for girls. This habit is a must-have when you seek to become a children’s book writer.

Prepare for the Best, Expect the Worst!

You need to lower your bar of expectations when you sought out to write a children’s book, or when you want to become a children’s writer. Because, you may think that the path to writing a children’s book is easy, but it’s not. You need to write for them, solely, and leave your financial, or commercial success on the back end because it is very hard for you to gain them instantly.

Get the best designer

You’ve probably seen a child attracted to graphics close to his favorite cartoon. That’s what you need to do with the book cover and theme. Contact the best designer you have your sights on, and tell him to create magic that fits best with children. Kids writers focus on the graphical representation equally as much as they do on the content, so try and make sure that your children’s book’s artistic graphical designs find, and attract the kids.


SCBWI is a platform that will help you all the way along in your journey to becoming a fun-loving kid’s writer. This agency specializes in the things, do’s, and don’ts of a children’s book, and they’re the masters at determining what a child is expecting from the book. Their graphics, content help, and publishing will surely be the light you need to brighten your future as a children’s writer.

Make the book your crown!

Have you ever seen a king, or a queen without a crown? You surely haven’t seen it, not even in a fictional movie. What’s the purpose of being labeled as a King or a Queen when you don’t wear a crown? That’s exactly what you need to do with your children’s book. Take your book everywhere you go, you’re never certain about interactions, and in case you find a child who looks at your book and smiles, you’re a king for them now, with the book being your crown.

Financial Aspect Of Children’s Book Writing

I guess we have every major thing covered in the above-mentioned text for you on how to become a children’s author. But the main thing is yet to be touched, the finance, or the dollar signs. To be honest, the whole idea of earning money from anything you’re doing for the very first time in your life is absurd and luck-dependent. You rarely see people succeeding in their firsts’. So, for you to become a children’s book writer, and think that you’ll be earning six digits just after the launch of your first book is quite awkward, to say the least. You have to put in the hard yards and bring the best out of literally the kids, to achieve six digits. We’ll jump to some factors that will affect your finances positively, and if not in major profits, you’ll at least be able to make some of it.
  • You have to make sure that you have a stable, steady secondary income stream at your hand all the time in case your plan to write a children’s book fails.
  • Remember to create a budget for any project you take up for writing. Having a budget in your mind will make you stay moderate in terms of extravaganza expenses.
  • Save and invest in your writing, and skill development. Always seek to learn and make sure to apply whatever you’re learning to innovate in your work.
  • Always have a goal in your mind. Whenever you start a fresh writing project, ensure that you’re working to make a certain sum, or get a certain number of sales for that.
  • Lastly, always keep a check on the expenses. Keep an eye on every penny spent, and make sure to at least two times what you’re spending. 
With these goals or motives, you’ll certainly climb the ladder get better at managing your finances, and continue to be a children’s book writer.


This blog has covered every major, impactful point regarding how to become a children’s book author. From the need to become a children’s book writer, the ways, tips, and techniques that can make you better at children’s writing, we even drove into managing finances as a writer. This content will eventually help you, and effectively assist you in being a better children’s book writer. Our blog’s purpose is to provide information based on research. Any material, or opinion that the readers find to be different from theirs is welcomed. 


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