How to Cite a Poem in Writing

When writing, there are some general guidelines you need to follow. There are four major styles for citing a poem: APA, Chicago, Harvard, and Turabian. In this article, I’ll walk you through each one. I’ll also cover how to use citation styles in a poem’s attribution. So, what is the best way to cite a poem? Do visit Book Writing Online to know more about how to write perfect poems and make money from them.


To properly cite a poem, you must follow the proper APA format. In APA style, quotes should be within two or three lines. In addition, you must use forward slashes to project line breaks in poems. Generally, you must also give a detailed citation of the poem on the Works Cited page. APA style citation format requires the poet’s last name, poem title, year of publication, and the page number.

Using APA style, a poem can be cited either in-text or in block quote form. When citing lines from a poem, you must include parentheses. Unlike citations within a paper, you do not have to count lines. Instead, simply include the page number and use quotation marks. Similarly, a direct quote from a poem must be enclosed in quotation marks.

To cite a poem, you should include the author’s name and last name in quotation marks. If the poem has more than four lines, use block quotes. You should also include the poet’s name in the in-text citation. The page number should be included after the poem. If the poem is more than four lines long, use a quotation starting on a new line.

The Modern Language Association style is also a good format for citing poems. The rules and formatting of poetry in MLA style are more complex than in APA and Harvard styles. The extensive rules are likely a result of the MLA style’s widespread use in literary works. When citing a poem, make sure to include an annotated bibliography page at the end of your paper.

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When citing a poem, you must use the proper citation style. You must cite the poem’s title, author’s name, and page number, followed by quotation marks. Individual lines should be cited in parentheses, but a collection of short stories should be italicized. The poem’s line numbers should also be cited. For example, “Thou dalliances,” from Chaucer’s “Two Hundred and Eight”, should be cited in block quotations.

To cite a poem in Harvard style, you must include the author and date of publication. Generally, the Harvard style uses the ‘author/date referencing style. The author’s name and the name of the authoring body must be listed after each reference. The publication date is also cited. Depending on the type of source, the page number should be listed separately. For example, if the poet’s name was Laura Stark, then she would include the date of publication.

If the poem’s line numbers are longer than the number of lines, you should include the poem’s title in quotation marks. Alternatively, if you cite a poem in MLA style, you should use a website citation or an MLA book citation, and then use the same format. Once you’ve done that, you’re ready to start citing your poem in Harvard style!

Citing poetry is an essential part of academic life. Poetry quotes can enhance the quality of your content and make you stand out from the rest of your essay. Remember that citing poetry takes time, but it will become second nature. Once you know the proper citation style for poetry, citing it is a breeze. If you have any doubts, read the MLA Handbook and follow the example. It’s important to note that your paper must be at least 95 percent original text, otherwise, it will be considered invalid.


In poem writing services literary works, citing poems is important. When you analyze a poem, you should know which specific lines to quote, as well as how to avoid plagiarism. The proper citation style depends on the writing style you’re using. In general, Chicago/Turabian and Harvard styles provide the same information but use slightly different formats. Below, we’ll look at two different citation styles.

Chicago/Turabian style follows the two CMOS patterns for documentation. Block quotes, on the other hand, are used for long poetry or dialogue passages. Generally, block quotes are five lines or more. The author’s name and date of the poem should be listed after the block quote. The rest of the citation format follows the same guidelines. Once you have the correct citation, you can now format the poem to be referenced in your writing.

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When citing a poem, you should include the author’s name, the publisher’s name, and the poetry division locator. If you’re citing a poem that includes line numbers, it’s advisable to include both. In-text citations are the best option for poetry, and they can also help students create a bibliography for their work. If you haven’t read a poem yet, you can find some examples on the Google book writer service or on the Internet.

The following example shows how to cite a poem in Chicago/Turabian style. As with any other reference, it’s important to follow the formatting rules for your document. You must use double-spacing for manuscripts and single-spacing for block quotations. For tables and appendices, you should use single-spaced text. When citing a poem in Chicago/Turabian style, be sure to include page numbers and a DOI (Digital Object Identifier), and a bibliography or reference list.


When citing a poem, it’s important to remember that you don’t always need to include all of the lines. You can skip certain lines or create two quotations to highlight parts of a poem that are particularly interesting. In either case, you should put the poem’s line number in quotation marks. If the line number is not included in the poem, make sure to cite the first line of the poem as well as any pages that are not cited.

When citing a poem, it is important to make sure that you cite it properly, so you don’t get into trouble with plagiarism. When citing a poem, make sure to include the name of the poet or author website, as this will be the only way your readers will recognize the source. However, if you have a poem that contains line numbers, you can include the poem’s page number instead of its page number.

In addition to citing the line numbers, you also need to mention the author’s last name and first initial. Also, you must include the date of publication and the place of publication. If you have an anthology, you should also include the editor’s name and the publisher’s name. Make sure to include the year that the work was published. You can’t use the same citation style as a poem in an anthology.

If you are citing a poem in an academic paper, it’s important to be aware of the rules for citing it correctly. Many academic papers require exclusive in-text citations, and it is vital to understand how to cite a poem in MLA or APA. You can use an online citation generator or even make your own. It is important to note that citation styles differ based on whether the poem is short or long.


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