How to Get a Job Recording Audio Books?

If you’ve ever wondered how to get a job narrating audiobooks, you’re not alone. There are hundreds of people interested in the same job! In this article, I’ll go over how to find audiobook casting calls, SAG eligibility, and the right niche. After reading this article of Book Writing, you’ll be ready to start auditioning for audiobook gigs! And, as a bonus, we at Book Writing Online will give you some insider tips for making that career a reality.

Casting sites for audiobook narrators

There are various ways to get work as an audiobook narrator. You can apply through Audible, Findaway Voices, and Author’s Republic. These sites provide a platform to audition for a wide variety of audiobook narrators and build relationships with potential clients. Here are some tips that can help you get a job as an audiobook narrator:

Make your first impression count. Audiobook narrators must keep up with the text and pronounce unfamiliar words and foreign terms correctly. Before recording, read the script and do some research so you can sound natural. If the script is complex, read it first and practice your pronunciation. For books that use a lot of foreign words, research them so that you can pronounce them correctly. If you can, read the script to get a feel for how the audiobook is structured.

Join a community. ACX has a community of audiobook narrators and producers. If you’re a member of ACX, you can join their Facebook group. The community is active and informative, so join the group and share your experiences with others. Also, be sure to check out their FAQ section, which is full of useful information. You never know what you’ll learn from your fellow narrators.

Some authors post shortlists of auditions on their websites. They want to generate buzz among friends and family, but they need to get the permission of the narrator before publishing their list online. While this may sound like a simple way to find a great audiobook narrator, it’s important to remember that a consistent voice and tone are essential. When you’re auditioning, make sure that you’re specific about what you want from the narrator and the genre of the audiobook.

A voice-over demo website is a great tool to promote yourself and find new gigs. Most audiobook narration gigs are freelance, so a website dedicated to voice-over demos can help you get connected with new clients. Create an audiobook demo reel that demonstrates your voice’s range and quality, as this will help increase your chances of landing a paid role. You can also use it as a portfolio.

If you have an audiobook in mind, consider joining the audiobook community. These groups will allow you to network with other narrators and gain valuable insight into the industry. By networking, you’ll have the chance to pitch your demo to potential clients and learn from their experiences. You can also join organizations like the Audio Publishers Association, which often hosts mixers and events, and you can even join their virtual speed dating events.

A narrator’s salary is determined by their experience and portfolio. While the average pay for audiobook narrators is low, the amount a narrator can earn depends on their experience and reputation. The key is to make sure you submit quality audiobook narration and maintain high audio quality. It may take a few years to build your reputation, but with dedication and consistency, you’ll soon see a significant increase in your pay.

SAG eligibility

If you’re interested in making audiobooks, you should be a member of the Screen Actors Guild (SAG). This is a union for media artists and advocates for media artists’ rights. Membership in SAG offers you a range of benefits, including guaranteed minimum rates, credits toward health insurance, and access to important industry contacts. Here’s how you can join SAG and start recording audiobooks today.

First, the Producer must be a SAG-AFTRA member, opt into the SAG-AFTRA health and retirement benefits, and plan to personally perform narration services on the audiobook. To do so, a Producer must accept the Offer by clicking the Accept with AFTRA H&R button on the Production Offer Page. The audible is required to pay the SAG fee to the Producer if the audiobook is sold to a consumer. The Producer must also adhere to the terms and conditions of SAG-AFTRA’s Contribution Conditions.

The ACX Audiobook Production Agreement includes activities beyond narration services covered by SAG-AFTRA. For example, SAG-AFTRA covers the rates of audiobook producers over $250 per finished hour. Producers will have to pay a percentage of their hourly rate to SAG-AFTRA. This deduction is known as the “AFTRA H&R Calculation Rate.”

If you don’t want to join SAG-AFTRA, you can take non-union audiobook jobs and still be eligible for healthcare and pension benefits. Non-union audiobooks can help you get into the union if you’re working with a royalty-share title or a smaller publisher without a union contract. In some cases, it can even be worth it to do one audiobook non-union if you’re a member of SAG-AFTRA.

You should also make sure your ACX files are each one chapter of your audiobook. This way, you won’t have to worry about cutting up the files later. Make sure to include the Room Tone at the beginning and end of each file. These will help your listeners hear your narration while they’re listening. You should also consider the length of the audiobook before recording it. It should be at least a couple of hours, but it’s important to remember the time it took to record one hour of polished audio.

To be eligible for SAG, you must be an active member of a performer’s union for at least one year. During that time, you must have been a principal performer in the union’s jurisdiction. For further details, contact the National Broadcast Department or your local union. Remember, SAG-AFTRA carefully vets all applications to ensure their legitimacy, so it’s always worth checking with your local union.


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Finding the right niche

When you’re recording an audiobook, you must find a niche you enjoy. A few genres to choose from include mysteries, business books, high fantasy, and children’s books. Each has its voice requirements and nuances, so you’ll need to develop your skills to make your narration stand out. You’ll also need to learn to adapt your voice for each genre, since fictional stories may require accents that don’t suit your natural voice.

If you’re a romance author, romance and thrillers are great choices. These genres have established audiobook audiences and may have greater competition than other types of books. On the other hand, nonfiction and bios & memoirs may be more challenging to break into, but the listener base is still there. This means that romance and thriller authors can sell audiobooks in a niche that might be more difficult to break into.

Getting your audiobook in front of these potential listeners is a big challenge. However, your book will most likely reach audiobook readers through the professional services of Book Writing Online. Podcasts and YouTube feature ads, so you can reach an audience that’s interested in what you’re offering. Also, look for book-related podcasts and influencers. You can embed the audible URL on your website and blog to reach the right audience.

The key to creating a successful audio business is to find a niche that you specialize in. Whether you’re interested in a particular genre or a particular location, there are three key things to consider before setting up shop. Using your top three audio skills, you can choose a genre you love. Consider the music scene in your area. If there are a lot of studios in your city, the local market might be crowded. If it’s crowded, it might be hard to convince artists to work with you.

You’ll also need to determine the cost and price of your audiobook. Most audiobook producers use Amazon’s ACX platform and its Audible distributor. iTunes and Amazon are the two biggest retailers for audiobooks. Before publishing your audiobook, you need to make sure that Amazon does not claw back your percentage. If you do not, you’ll have a hard time making money. This is especially true if you’re selling audiobooks for the first time.

Once you’ve figured out the price, the next step is to find the right audience. The audiobook market is much more competitive than print books, so it’s easier to stand out among the crowd when comparing prices and quality. It’s possible to make money with your audiobook if you know the right audience. Find a niche you’re passionate about and your voice will shine. 


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