Writer Aid Finding How to Get Help Writing a Book 2024

Writer Aid: Finding How to Get Help Writing a Book 2024

Writing a book might seem to be a challenging task for you. I, for instance, would also think of this job to be an easy one for sure. Because, at the end of the day all you have to do is to write stuff randomly and end up with a story in your bag. This, however, is not the case. When you look to write a book, there are certain elements where you need to put your focus, where you need to have patience, or maybe a steady, cool mindset to sustain the mental block you’re facing, or perhaps something else depending what you are, and what you were expecting from a story. In the following, we’ll together try to resolve the issue, and answer the query How to get help writing a book?

Is It That Difficult?

Book writing as we’ve talked about earlier looks to be an effortless task because of the general perception in the minds of a person who is just embarking on the journey of writing stories” All I need to do is to write and for as long as my story ends”. The case isn’t that simple. You see, much like every other job in the world, book writing is something that looks like a walk in the park from far away until you take up that walk for yourself. The moment you start writing, it’s possible that the first question inside your head will be “Where should I write my book”  and “I want to write a book, where do I start”. The problem begins here, where you take up the task thinking it’s just a piece of cake, and then you realize it wasn’t that easy. Research, creativity, writing efforts, proofreading, publishing, there is a lot more than just writing. We will now look into some of the stuff that can be very useful on how you can get help writing a book.

Join a Writer’s Community

You can simply begin your journey by joining the nearest, or the best-known writing community. These communities or groups will certainly be a very big help to you and certainly answer the first of your “Where should I write my book”. You can simply begin your journey of writing in any of these communities because these have an arsenal of writers and experienced campaigners to assist you in writing a book for yourself. These people will not only help you in writing a book, but will also assist you in correcting your mistakes, be they, grammatical, format-related, story, or plot-wise or anything. The people in these communities will also be your first critics, and applauders as they’ll be very open about anything you write and give out an opinion that is better for your future as a writer. There are two types of communities you can join as a writer:

Writing Clubs

These are informal groups or communities of writers, and sometimes readers where you can join and share your work, listen to other’s experiences, and get to know a few writers. They will be critical and appreciative of your work and give an insight into how you can be better at the work you’ve taken up. You can find any of these communities near your bookshops, any library, or maybe online on social media.


These workshops will be much more professional help for you as a writer who is beginning his/her journey. They will offer professional help to you in terms of writing skills, the ways and tricks on how you can improve your creative side, your skills as a writer, and other stuff that will enhance you as a writer.

Seek Help through a Coach, Mentor

This is another important thing you need to have on your list of to-do things as a writer who is just new on his/her journey to write a book. The best thing you can have while doing anything is a mentor, or a coach who will help you through the task, the same goes for writing. See, when you first jump into the venture thinking it’s easy, you don’t know what’s coming at your side. So just make sure that you have a person next to you who is your guide, your critic, and someone you can freely go to ask anything regarding your writing blocks, the story, or any other thing you’re facing as a writer. Another advantage you’ll have once you have a coach aligned throughout your writing process is that your editing won’t eat up a lot of your time, because, the more scrutiny you’ll have with your coach, the fewer mistakes will be there in your manuscript, and finished product. Also, you’d want to have a coach, who is an expert in whatever genre you’re willing to write in because that would also add up to your ideas, and make you come up with a more compelling story for the readers to read.  

Read as Much as you can!

The only way you can learn how to swim is by going inside the pool. The same can go with writing a book, The question “I want to write a book, where do I start” is absurd in some ways, because, if you haven’t read any, you won’t be able to come up with something intriguing to the readers as well. The best possible way to expand your knowledge as a writer is by just starting to read. You can read the genre you’re looking to write about, that way, you’ll get an insight into how much one’s imagination can go in fiction, and how much truth there is in nonfiction. You’ll also get to expand your vocabulary and get to learn some of the words writers from different genres utilize in their work. Moreover, if you’re new to writing, and have a story that is a potential blockbuster, but don’t know how you can express it effectively, Reading books will introduce you to different ways, and types of storytelling techniques good writers use to make their work one to look for.

Write And Revise

Now that you’ve covered all the major points that will be your guide in writing a book, The next potential step is to start writing your book. You have a story, you have a coach, You’ve joined a community or club of writers, and you’ve read through at least two books of the specific genre you’re willing to write about. Now, as a writer, all you need to do is solely focus on writing the book and completing soon as possible. This doesn’t mean you need to complete the whole project in a rush and write just anything that comes to your head, but you’ve to be careful in terms of what you’re writing in the story regarding your plan of what your story is. You must also keep an eye on the mistakes you’re making in the story and always look to revise. Revising the mistakes will make sure that the story you’re writing will come out cleaner than the one you would have written without any revision. Remember to always seek help from the coach you have with you when you revise, as any external help from anyone who is bankable will ensure the further enhancement of your story!

Celebrate, Rejoice

You’ve written and checked your work, now as someone who was wandering around in the beginning and asking people “Who can help me write a book”, and you’ve finally written and carved a story or first draft, You can now celebrate, and rejoice the fact that you’ve written a story finally. This is more of a personal opinion that is presented in the blog, but, celebrating your achievement will most of the time motivate you to achieve more on the road ahead. The thing about celebrating is not that you’ve completed something that has never been done before, but it’s just to mark the beginning of your career or your journey as a writer.


The blog took you through the whole procedure, which will be effective and helpful for you to make sure that you have a book in your hand at the end of the day. We looked at the fact that why is it so difficult to write a book, and how you can get better at writing a book. We went through how you can do better by getting a coach, joining communities of writers, taking workshops, reading, writing, and lastly, the important thing, celebrating the achievements (personal opinion). The blog was written and researched by the writer and anything that you find to be incorrect is a pure instance of human error. The purpose of this blog was to answer your query “I want to write a book, where do I start” and tell you how to get help writing a book. Follow our platform Book Writing Online on our Facebook, Instagram, X, and Pinterest for more.


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