How to Listen to Audio Books For Free?

Are you interested in knowing how to listen to audiobooks for free? There are many ways to do so. However some are provided in this blog post of Book Writing Online.These methods include downloading books from the Internet Archive, Loyal Books, and Libby. But the easiest one is to just use your imagination. There are also other options, such as signing up for a free trial of Audible or Loyal Books. Listed below are some of the most popular options.

Loyal Books

If you love audiobooks but don’t have time to read them, try listening to the free audiobooks from Loyal Books, the best audiobook service. There are audiobooks available in 28 languages, including English, Spanish, and Japanese. The app lets you listen to books on your device, and has an average user rating of 4.5 stars. The iOS app lets you download books or stream them. Streaming books can also be done on your computer, so you can listen while you are sleeping.

If you’d like to listen to free audiobooks, try the History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, which is the oldest book available online. It provides an overview of Western civilization and covers 1500 years of history. If you’re interested in a new novel, you can try Moby-Dick, an influential novel from the American Renaissance. This book is available as an audiobook on Loyal Books, and you can download it for free to listen to whenever you have the time.

If you’re not on the Apple platform, you can still download free audiobooks from Loyal Books. The website is available on Apple Podcasts and also through RSS feeds. You can sign up for an account and choose the genres you want to listen to. You can also download MP3 files and listen to them on your computer using Apple’s Podcasts app or through an RSS feed. You can choose to listen to the audiobook in any language and format you prefer. The books are voiced by volunteers and can be found in 28 different languages.

Loyal Books offers free audiobooks from public domains. You can browse the list by genre or language. You can listen to the entire audiobook or select individual chapters. The site also offers a mobile app for iOS or Android. These audiobooks are a great source for children, teens, and adults. Just make sure to use the appropriate headphones and speakers. You’ll enjoy listening to free audiobooks on your device!

Internet Archive

Many Internet Archive audiobooks are free. There are three main ways to access them. First, you can download free audiobooks through the Open Library. Open Library hosts over three million books, including e-books and audiobooks. You can read classic books online, or download them as epub or PDF files to listen to later. Open Library acts like a real library, allowing you to borrow and listen to books for up to 14 days.

Another option is to search for audiobooks by author or genre. LibriVox produces free audiobooks of public domain works. Their infrastructure relies on volunteer readers to read these books. LibriVox adds around 100 new books every month, so you can find something new to listen to on a daily basis. As a bonus, you can download multiple audiobooks at once, or download individual chapters if you like.

If you prefer classical literature, try searching the Internet Archive. There are thousands of free audiobooks and poetry available for download. You can search by author, genre, or year to find your favorites. ThoughtAudio also offers free audiobooks from authors such as F. Scott Fitzgerald, Mark Twain, Book Writing Online,Virginia Wolfe, and more. The site also features over 50,000 titles for free download.

To listen to free audiobooks on the Internet Archive, all you need is a computer with a web browser. The Internet Archive site is an open online library with millions of books, movies, and other media. You can listen to free audiobooks by downloading MP3 files or using a player. Just make sure to use HTTPS when browsing the site. You can also use the search function on the site’s main page to narrow down your results by title, content, or sections.


You may be wondering how to listen to audiobooks for free. If you do not have the time to download expensive apps or download audiobooks, you can have Book Writing Online to use Libby to listen to audiobooks. This free online library lets you borrow books and estimate their availability before you pay. As a bonus, Libby is available on your mobile device! So, if you are looking for free audiobooks, this website will be an excellent alternative to Audible.

You can also download free audiobooks from Open Culture, a site that compiles a list of free audiobooks and links to streaming services. The library is organized by the author, and you can burn CDs or download MP3s to your device. This service is also available for free online college courses. It’s not as elegant as other websites, but it’s still a great way to listen to free audiobooks.

Another great option is to search for free audiobooks on YouTube. There are several channels dedicated to showcasing different books and readers. You can even find free audiobooks on LibriVox, a site that hosts contemporary authors reading their own works. You can download the entire audiobook as a ZIP file or torrent, depending on the platform you’re using. Once you’ve listened to a few free books, you’ll be hooked!

Another great way to get free audiobooks is to visit your local public library. Most libraries and schools have a library card or student login, and you can use these to borrow audiobooks from them. You can even download them to your mobile device if you prefer. All these resources are free, and you can enjoy listening to books anytime you want. You’ll feel good knowing that you’re supporting local authors while listening to free audiobooks.


There are various membership plans for Audible users, which include unlimited access to the Plus Catalog, which offers thousands of titles. The service offers streaming, downloading, and offline listening options, and its voice actors are inspiring and talented. Audible also offers free audio podcasts and meditation titles. If you are a bookworm, listen to Audible free audiobooks and discover new authors. With its unlimited access to the Plus Catalog, you can listen to audiobooks at your leisure, no matter where you are.


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The free Audible books are not available for everyone, but members of the service receive regular credits that can be used to purchase audiobooks. One token is equal to one audiobook. If you are unable to finish a book, you can return it to the Audible website to receive credits for other titles. To find out how much credit you have, log in to your Audible account and click “Account Details.”

If you want to listen to free audiobooks on Audible, you can browse the library. The selection is more than enough to satisfy your needs. Audible does not restrict its library to public domain audiobooks, as you’ll find other genres, such as immersive audio dramas, scripted audio, wellness titles, and more. The service is also accessible to non-subscribers, so there’s no need to be embarrassed about paying for books you’re not interested in.

If you are interested in classic audiobooks, you can try out Free Classic Audiobooks. This site has a list of classic sci-fi audiobooks, arranged by genre. There’s a section where you can choose your favorite narrator. You can also browse the list of available titles by author’s last name. You can even download audiobooks that are free. You can listen to free audiobooks on Audible anytime, anywhere.


If you’re into books, you’ve probably heard about Spotify’s audiobook service. This service allows you to listen to thousands of free audiobooks, including bestsellers and contemporary titles. It also features author pages, so you can find more titles by your favorite authors. Then, you can add them to your playlist. Spotify even offers a search function to make it easy to find similar titles. And if you don’t have a Spotify account, you can still listen to free audiobooks on the platform.

While Spotify is mostly known for its music library, the platform also offers a range of other content, including audiobooks. If you’re a fan of poetry, self-help books, or college lectures, you’ll find a wide range of spoken-word genres on Spotify. All you have to do to access these genres is enter the Spotify app and select the browse icon or search icon.

The platform also offers free classics, such as Charles Dickens’ Great Expectations, narrated by James Langton, Charlotte Bronte’s Jane Eyre read by Sarah Coombs, and Nella Larsen’s Passing, read by Bahni Turpin, and Stephen Crane’s Red Badge of Courage by Santino Fontana. Depending on your tastes and interests, you can choose an audiobook or listen to several simultaneously.

To transfer an audiobook from Spotify to another device, simply download the audiobook onto your computer. It should take just a few minutes. Once it’s downloaded, you can copy it to an MP3 player or USB drive. Then, transfer it to your computer or listen to it offline. There’s no need to worry about losing the book because you can use it offline. If you’ve got a laptop or other audio player, you can transfer it to your mobile device for listening on the go.


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