How to Start Writing a Romantic Novel?

There are a variety of tips you can follow when writing a romance novel. Some of them include: avoiding cliches, using a unique setting, and creating conflict between the main characters. These tips should help you create a novel that captivates readers. Here are a few more. Also check Book Writing Online for more tips, tricks, and services.

Avoiding cliches

When writing a romance novel, you should avoid common cliches. Some of these cliches have been used by authors for decades. For instance, “love at first sight” is a common trope. It doesn’t actually exist. It’s a common storyline but readers can’t relate to it. Instead, let your characters fall in love naturally. For more tips, check out Rachel Toor’s “Love Scenes” and Jiggy.” And if you’re stuck, check out Caitlin Moran’s autobiography.

Cliches in writing are not good for the reader. They are boring and don’t reflect original ideas. The most memorable parts of a book are the original spin the author puts on it. By following this rule, you’ll have a better chance of turning readers’ expectations into a reality. Moreover, cliches aren’t just boring; they can actually be depressing.

Character cliches include a Mary Sue character. This character is too good to be true, usually a female. A classic example is a book where the protagonist is forced to marry or run a business with the other character. Readers tend to roll their eyes when the protagonist has to follow his or her own will. It’s also difficult to believe that a relative would do such a thing.

Despite the dangers that cliches pose to a novel, writers should strive to avoid using these phrases in their stories. Although they can be helpful for the plot, they can detract from the overall quality of the story. Instead, try to create a unique character. If you want to avoid clichés in your romance novels, use unique words and phrases to express your emotions and keep your readers interested.

Choosing an unusual setting

If you are new to romance novels, you may be wondering where to start. If you aren’t sure what to write about, read romance authors’ tips for writing a successful novel writing online. They share tips that will help you create an unforgettable novel that will capture your readers’ attention. A romantic novel has two main characters: a protagonist and an antagonist. It also includes a subplot or two.

Using a plot device

Plot devices are elements that drive the story forward. These devices may be large or small, but they all serve as tools for writers. These elements can help set the tone of the story or even introduce new characters. Plot devices can also help you create conflict, reveal hidden secrets, or add an element of mystery. To help you get started on ghostwriting services your romance novel, consider using one of the following plot devices.

o A love triangle is an interesting device for romance plots. In such a situation, the lovers are separated by physical distance or by a war, which keeps the question of their relationship open. Similarly, in a love triangle, both partners often have goals that work against their union. As in the case of Romeo and Juliet, both have feuding families to contend with.

o A MacGuffin (or a plot coupon) is a small, insignificant object that affects the plot. Filmmakers Quentin Tarantino and Alfred Hitchcock have used the MacGuffin as a device, for instance. In Pulp Fiction, multiple characters obsess over the delivery of a briefcase, a mysterious object of unknown content.

o A death trap. Another common plot device, the death trap, keeps the reader wondering whether the protagonist will survive or die, and it keeps the audience on the edge of their seats. It has been used for centuries in drama and can be reminiscent of Greek or Roman theatre. Traditionally, this type of device was associated with a god, and in modern times, the deus ex machina has become a popular plot device.

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The Resolution

The Resolution of a Romantic Novel is usually the ending. A weak resolution will leave the reader dissatisfied, confused, or even feel as if the writer has betrayed them. Although not every resolution has to be happy and satisfying, it must have the necessary effect on the reader. To achieve this, the story should be written in a manner that creates a sense of completion. The plot should have a clear beginning, a climax, and a falling action. Then, the reader must be left satisfied with the ending.

While the resolution of a Romantic Novel can take place at any time during the story, it is usually at the end. It may take place in various parts of the story and relate to various situations within the conflict. In addition, the resolution should be short and crisp, without unnecessary conflict. A good novel’s resolution must be both satisfying. If it doesn’t meet these two standards, it is not worth reading.

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The resolution of a Romantic Novel must involve a change in the characters. For example, Greta and Hank need to understand that their goals are not mutually exclusive. They must also be able to work together. In Hank’s story, the characters are not separated by their differences, but instead, their interests are mutual. This realization allows the characters to work together to resolve their differences. A great romance must include a resolution in which both characters change, and it is not a straightforward process.

The resolution of a Romantic Novel must also include an escalating physical and romantic relationship. The resolution and reward must be short enough to satisfy the reader. The protagonists’ relationship will either be resolved or dissolved by an external event, or a character will grow. If the characters’ desires aren’t compatible, the novel will not work out. It will end with a climax. In short, the resolution and reward of a Romantic Novel should end in a satisfying way.


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