Let’s Know How Many Words In a Nonfiction Can You Write?

Let’s Know How Many Words In a Nonfiction Can You Write?

Nonfiction books are usually based upon stories that are real and have attracting factors that people look forward to. How many pages a nonfiction book has depends upon your topic, and normally a book’s length is determined by the things you’re looking to cover in your book. Although the length of the book will not determine its fate, it can be an important factor in deciding how the readers will perceive the book in the days after its release. Let’s look at factors that will affect a book’s word count and How many words In a Nonfiction Can You Write.

Effects of Word Count On Your Book

Words written inside your book will determine the fact that what type of readers will it attract. Many readers tend to choose books that are not lengthy while others go for books that are lengthy and full of content that will be helpful for them in learning a few things here and there. An example is a person who is looking to learn about something that would affect his life, like health, and education. If he is looking to learn and act immediately, he would not want to read a lengthy book, but if the person is looking to learn about a personality, or maybe an event that took place in the past, or maybe he’s looking to read about any entertaining thing, he may not look the at the length of the book and may pursue reading it. Now we’ll look into the ideal word count for your nonfiction book, which determines which of these readers will come to read your art.

How Many Pages Your Book Should have?

Now this section of the blog will decide what is the right word count, and pages for your book. We’ll categorically discuss what amount of words are the best fit for your book, and what is going to be the number of pages for your book. We’ll also look at this matter which will decide what amount of words will make up for how many pages, so let’s dive into it.

Self-Help and Educational Books

Self-help and educational books usually do not have much length either in terms of the pages and not in terms of word count. For starters, we need to establish first that on average a book’s size is 6×9. A rough estimate for the above-mentioned book size is somewhere around 25000 to 40000 words. Now, How many pages is 25000 words? The answer to it is 100-120 pages. The self-help and educational books around the globe usually contain only 100-120 pages so that the reader is quickly reading and learning. 

Business Books

These books are usually counted on both educational and knowledge basis because most of these books help a person get educated about business norms and other important stuff. These books usually contain at least 50000 words, because this will not be counted in the self-help books category, and people may look into these sorts of books for professional education, and for that, they would want to continue reading for as long as they can. Now the big question, how many pages are 50000 words? If they retain the standard size that is 6×9, you’ll have a healthy 200-250-page book ready for business education and knowledge for the readers. 


Autobiographies tend to tell stories about individuals who have left an impact on the larger society. These stories are penned down either by the personality themselves, or any writers that are signed up for that. These books have a word count of 70000 words at least, and they fall in the category of self-expression and storytelling. The amount of pages in the book is 250-300, which is length, but if you’re reading about someone you like, that won’t be counted much.

Meeting the exact Page Count

To write a book in any of the following categories, you have to meet the page count so that it fits with the category. the familiarity with the words will determine the fate of your book, and will also help in readers getting attracted. 

What if my book has more pages or words than the category I’m writing for?

To be honest, page count and word count are important factors for the future of a book, but they certainly do not tend to decide what’s its future going to be. When you write a book that is not according to the category you’re writing for, it will never be the decisive factor in terms of how many readers you’re going to attract with it, but it can certainly impact the interest people will take in your book once they start reading. For example, How many pages 25000 are words, 120 pages to maximum capacity, and if you’re looking to summarize a business idea, or a person’s whole life in this little amount of words and this number of pages, you’ll definitely fall back with your book, and your readers will either loose interest due to lack of knowledge, or maybe quit the book midway.

How to write a short book?

If you are looking to write a short book, there are many important aspects you need to look into. The word count of a short book can vary, but no book should be shorter than 100 pages, answering the query how many pages are 25000 words again. This means that the shortest word count and page count you can target for your book is 25k words and 100 pages. The topics can vary, but when in the nonfiction category, you must write anything close to reality.

How can I write a long book?

To write a long book, your target must exceed at least 50k words because that will make your page count 200-240. Writing a book is not an easy task, as you have to gear up to write tons of words daily. Once again, this will require you to be accurate in terms of producing the content, and research work for the book.

What is the right format for your book?

How many pages are 50000 words, and what are 25000 words in pages can be exactly determined through the format of your book, following a standard format will determine what size you need for your book. If you stick with the standard 6×9 size, you might have a similar page count with 50k words or 25k words that was just mentioned, and if you move towards a different book size, that may range from 5×5 or any other, your word count will give a different page size. 

How much time would it take to write a book that is 50k words?

This question usually depends upon the writer, publisher, and the content. The content of a book, depending on the topic can be figured out from the research angle, your research will take up loads of time as you want to make the most out of the opportunity you have to bring the right facts, after the research, writing can take up some time as well. So all in all, you can complete the book in 90 ideal days of working that will bring the best of you work.

Can I use the single-space platform for my book?

Any suitable platform for book writing is an option for you to write a book. Once you write a book using the single-spaced platform, how many pages in 25000 words would it be? Well, it would retain at least 100 pages but this time the paradigm swing suggests that the page count can reach a touch above or below 80, which will benefit you if you’re looking to write an educational or self-help book for your readers.

How important is the word count according to the niche?

Your word counts and page count will play an important role when you want to write a book for any specific topic, for example, education, you need to keep the word count up to 25k words, at least. This will ensure that your readers will keep learning and applying the important points you cover easily. When you decide to write 50k words, you’ll have to make sure that your book at least has 175+ pages, because that will make sure that your biography or historical flick will retain the important points and the whole context of the story.


This blog covered what number of words will bring what pages in a book, we looked into the different aspects of different genres, and how a book of these genres will bring a different amount of pages. This blog was a general perspective of a writer when he decided to put his 25k or 50k words in a book, how many pages in 25000, and how many pages 50000 will bring. You can have your input into this, which will be more helpful for you as a writer.

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