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We offer speech writing services customized to match your tone, setting, and objectives, whether it’s political, commemorative, farewell, inspirational, or social. Our core values include:

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Our speechwriters shine when their crafted speeches are circulated and referenced across the internet, and acknowledged by magazines and journals.

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We stand out from other speech writing companies and online services because we prioritize building connections with our clients. Our project managers take the time to truly understand the client’s needs, audience, speaking environment, personality, and cultural background. This ensures that the written speech perfectly captures the speaker’s essence. Additionally, we provide exceptional wedding speech writing services. Contact us for customized speech writing services that are tailored specifically to your requirements.


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Public speaking often evokes more fear than even death itself. But with a skilled speechwriter by your side, you can bid farewell to those anxieties. 

Our persuasive speechwriters are not only adept at their craft but also highly trustworthy with your personal details. Rest assured, confidentiality and authenticity are our top priorities.

At BookWritingOnline, our skilled speechwriters are fluent in a broad range of ideologies, experts in a variety of subjects, and informed about all the jargon. Both the diversity of our skill pool and our collaborative work culture enable us to continually surpass your expectations.  

We’ve crafted countless speeches for occasions such as:

  • Wedding ceremony
  • Graduation
  • Memorial
  • Business conference
  • Public statements for celebrities
  • Political debates

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Firstly, you need to Sign up on our platform and send in your details. Your name, email address, and the details related to your project will be helpful for us to take your book to new heights. and get the experts aligned.

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Once you’ve signed up and sent the details related to your Fiction Writing services and project, our experts will carry out the research for the topic you’re looking to write on.

Initial Draft

After the outline is ready, we will send it to you for approval, and after it’s approved by you, Our experts will get to work, and do what they do best.

Revision And Finalization

Once we’ve completed your draft for the book, and hand over to you, and if there’s anything you need to change or remove, we are here for you. We will provide unlimited revisions till the time our clients are fully satisfied.


Once your book is completed through the help of our Fiction Writing experts, we’ll promote your book and make sure that the book gets the readers it is targeted for!


The final step to success is here, as once everything is cleared from your side from the story to writing and revisions and all, the book is finally published through our platform. You can also choose a self-publishing route

Be the best-seller in the market!

Kick-start your book writing journey with the help of Book Writing Online!

Answers to the Frequently Asked Questions

A speech is how someone shares their message with others through talking. Speech writing involves crafting that message specifically for speaking in front of an audience.

In the online world today, a quick search like “write my speech” will bring up countless options for speech writers to hire. But sorting through all those choices can be quite a task.

You’d want to find a speechwriter who keeps your info private, makes sure you’re happy, writes original stuff, offers free revisions, and promises no plagiarism.

The price of hiring a speechwriter depends on factors like length, complexity, and experience level. Experienced ones might charge $1 or more per word, while newcomers might ask for around $0.50 per word. Another way is to base the price on the speech’s speaking time. Most people speak about 150 words per minute. So, with a little math, you can figure out the cost of your speech if you hire a pro speechwriter.


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