The Art of Hiring a Book Writer: Tips and Best Practices


Not able to transform your ideas into the right words? Don’t worry, professional writers are always at your service to facilitate the launch of your book. It is essential that when you hire a book writer, you take into consideration a few factors which would ensure that your vision is modeled into reality. In your journey to perfect the art of hiring a book writer, we will share a few tips and practices which would help you get started. 

Why Hire a Book Writer?

If you find yourself debating whether or not you should hire a book writer then let us steer you in the right direction. Hiring a professional book writer might be quite beneficial for you because of the following reasons: 

  • Knowledge and Skills: Professional book writers are equipped with the knowledge and skills to produce and structure your book. Their prior experience in the field means they were able to gather useful insights through trial and error which you might not initially know. You may be brimming with ideas and inspiration but a professional book writer will know exactly how to sculpt them into a final draft.
  • Catering to the Right Audience: It is crucial to find the demographics of people you want the book to be written for. A book writer can help identify the audience and then adjust the tone and style of the book accordingly. It is imperative that the book isn’t written in a convoluted manner so that it can be easily understood by a larger group of people. This is where the writer will intricately weave just the right words to keep the reader hooked.
  • A Fresh Take on the Book: You may have some idea about how the book should turn out in the end. However, a fresh perspective on how the narrative is meant to progress and what direction a book can alternatively take is very vital. It is likely that you might not be able to think outside of the box. The writer, on the other hand, can pitch more ideas which branch from your original concept so that the creative process continues to flow.
  • Bridging the Gaps: It is quite unrealistic to think that the book you are envisioning will come out naturally as one complete draft. There will be plot holes and gaps which would need to be addressed and revised multiple times to give it the final finish.With the book writer’s expertise at your disposal, you’ll be able to bridge those gaps such that the book flows more organically. The writer will know just what to do to not make the connections within the story look forced and that would be of great advantage to you.  

Qualities to Look for in a Book Writer 

When you want to hire a book writer there are some qualities you should be on a lookout for. Anyone can claim to write a book but some writers possess better abilities to do so on an outstanding level. Therefore, look for the following qualities when hiring:  

  • Attention to Detail: The more the book is detailed the better. It is what takes the book on a completely different level. However, adding details in a book may not be an easy feat. It will require the writer to be very meticulous in their approach. Each element of the book directly impacts the overall draft. Therefore, when you hire a book writer be sure to note that their ability to incorporate details is evident in their past work.
  • Adaptability: A professional book writer should be able to adapt their writing according to your needs. It is possible that the project you have in mind requires them to write in a way they haven’t before. For each type of book and its targeted audience a unique set of elements will be required. It is crucial that you hire a writer who is not daunted by experimenting and is open towards constructive criticism.  
  • Creativity: A book writer needs to breathe life into your book and they can’t do so without creativity by their side. When hiring, observe which writer goes out of their way to think outside the box. They should be ready to pitch in new ideas and supplement your original ideas with matter which would make it speak louder. Without creativity, the book would be some words loosely stringed together in the name of a narrative.  
  • Research Skills: Books need to rely on the accuracy of the details they tell the readers. Therefore, research is an essential part of any book writing process. This is especially true for non-fiction books. Each claim needs to be backed by supporting material from credible sources. The right book writer will never overlook this and would know exactly how to pair research with creativity for the best possible output. 

Where to Find Book Writers 

We, at Book Writing Online, pride ourselves in connecting clients with suitable book writers. We have employed a rigorous screening process to ensure that the book writers we take on board are highly skilled. After assessing their abilities, they are given further training so that they can align with our vision and values.  

The process of being paired with the right book writer is usually time-consuming. However, if you take our book writing services then we promise we will make the procedure easier for you. Once you share your project details, we will instantly link you with one of our experts and they can help create an outline for you. After you approve the outline, we can proceed further. We will receive regular feedback from you so that you are involved in each step of the way.  

With our service, we guarantee that we will appoint to you a book writer which will take your book to great heights. With us, you’ll find quality unlike anywhere else in the market. At affordable rates, we never compromise on the integrity of the book and always push our writers to produce the best work possible.       

Questions to Ask Potential Book Writers 

Even though the expectations from writers could vary from project to project, it is possible to generalize a few questions you can ask the writer. These questions are intended to gauge their capabilities and approach towards the project you pitched to them.

  1. Have you worked on similar topics in the past?
  2. How do you conduct research for your projects?
  3. Can you briefly explain your writing process?
  4. How do you take the audience into consideration when writing?
  5. Are you open to constructive feedback and revisions? If so, how do you incorporate the changes into your work?
  6. What is your turnaround for a 1000 words? Will you be able to meet strict deadlines?

Evaluating Samples and Past Work

When you are looking to hire a book writer a good indicator of whether or not they are suitable is their past work. Upon receiving their proposal you can ask them to send relevant samples that they may have done in the past. It is ideal that these samples are in the same niche as your project. If that is not possible then samples which share the closest resemblance to your niche should be asked for. 

Before you start evaluating the samples, it is essential that you create an assessment criteria which can act as a frame of reference. Based on what your project requires, you can narrow down the assessment into parameters which are the most important to your project. Our book writing services promise that the book writer will be qualified. However, your own assessment of our provided writer is also essential so that you are completely content with the writer you decide to go with.  

Establishing Clear Communication and Expectations

When going into a project with one of our professional book writers, we advise that you establish clear communication channels with them. This is important so that they know what exactly you expect from them. This communication could look like brainstorming ideas together or building up on the ideas which are already established. By doing so, you’ll ensure that the writer follows through on your instructions and can create a draft which can meet your expectations.  

If you have certain deadlines in your mind then they should also be relayed to them. Any background information that you think is relevant to the project should be in the knowledge of the writer so they are working with all the resources you have. If and when there are any revisions, don’t hesitate to communicate them to the writer so they can make the changes accordingly. 

When you hire a book writer, the expectations you have of them should be laid out in the beginning. The project scope should be clearly specified and any supporting expectations should be mentioned before. You can let them know what kind of research you expect from them or advise them about the tone you want the content to take. Once these expectations are provided, you can encourage questions so that if there are any queries they can be resolved. 

Setting a Budget 

We want you to be content with the book writing services we provide which is why you will have the liberty to set your own budget. There are, however, some factors which you must take into consideration before doing so. Firstly, assess the degree of difficulty of the project you are pitching to the writer. Decide whether it is technical and requires more time and research efforts. It is appreciated that you can gauge this as an appropriate budget should be decided.  

Factor in what the industry standards for similar projects is. This will help you set a price for your own project and then you can negotiate from that point on. Another thing to take in account when deciding your budget is the experience of the writer. Most of the writers that we register are quite experienced. However, there are still a wide range of experienced writers available to choose from. From their portfolio you can yourself gauge their capabilities and decide on a suitable price. 

Contracts and Agreements

To make things official, you will be required to sign a contract. When you hire a book writer, your scope, price and other relevant details should be enclosed within a contract. It is essential that you are able to draft a contract which would protect both the writers and your rights. Begin by specifying the project scope down to the smallest of details which were agreed upon. A timeline can also be mentioned so that the writer can be committed to the schedule. 

Most importantly, you must cover the fees and payment methods in the agreement as well. Furthermore, confidentiality and ownership rights should be spelled out also so that any disputes in the future can be avoided. If you fear that such a dispute is possible, add clauses to protect your rights while making sure the writer has their rights as well. A termination clause is also relevant when coming into agreement with a writer so that if dire circumstances present themselves, a seamless termination is possible. 


You want the book you introduce to the world to be something that hasn’t been done before. A professional book writer can help you achieve just that. Take their expertise and channel it into something fruitful. As you take your step towards hiring a writer, keep the points we mentioned in our blog in mind. 

Be on the lookout for the qualities mentioned above as they are indicative of how well your book will turn out. You can do so by assessing their past work as well because that would show how well they actually perform. Always remember to communicate your expectations and create a budget which would be satisfactory for both you and the writer. Rest assured, if you decide to take our services, we will strive our best to make the hiring process as simple as possible.


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