Discovering What Does Nonfiction Mean, is It Real or Fake?

Discovering What Does Nonfiction Mean, is It Real or Fake?

Nonfiction is an art form that is based on facts and tends to bring the reality of any given topic to the masses. When people write nonfiction stories, they tend to bring accurate facts about any story and highlight the hidden points, and events within a single story or occurrence. The general perspective of a nonfiction story is that it will bring the truth in front of larger audiences. But nonfiction, despite being a genre that is based on truth mostly, brings something to the table that is remotely close to the truth, be it in terms of the writer’s opinion on a specific topic or maybe something that ill reported or informed. Let us discover What Does Nonfiction Mean, is it real or fake?

A Look into Fiction

Before we dive into nonfiction, and discover What does Nonfiction mean, is it real or fake? let’s look at its counterpart or its strongest competitor in the book market, Fiction is where writers write stories and tell things that are not remotely close to reality. Fictional stories define brilliantly, a writer’s imagination, and his boundaries that are beyond any worldly borders,  or restrictions. In short, it can be an effective way for a writer or an author to explore his artistic expression and themes. Under the fictional story banner, there are many subgenres such as romance, mystery, Sci-Fi, crime, thriller, and horror. They may combine to form another category such as Sci-Fi and Horror, or Crime Thriller. These stories will answer your query of whether is fiction fake.

Describing Nonfiction

Now, let’s look into the competitor, that is Nonfiction, and find the answer to What does Nonfiction mean, is it real or fake?

The word Nonfiction translates to “not fiction”, describing the essence that it is real as compared to fiction. Nonfictional stories are usually based upon factual things, highlighting events in the past, writing stories that are based upon truth, and writing biographies or memoirs. This section of writing is one of the only genres that tend to present the reality of any event, person, or any other topic that is covered. Although many nonfictions have segments or elements that may not be real in their true essence, that doesn’t change the fact that they will retain the definition, that is “Not Fiction or Real”, establishing your answer to the question is nonfiction real or fake.

There are many subtypes to Nonfiction, and Fiction as well, so let us dive into them to know more about both the categories of writing that will decide whether is nonfiction real or fake and if is fiction fake.

Nonfictional Categories

Several categories of Nonfiction establish the answer as to whether nonfiction is real or fake. Let us take a look into the subgenres or subcategories of nonfiction that authors and writers regularly write.

Narrative or Creative Nonfiction

Writers write narrative or Creative nonfictional stories as fictional novels, but they are based upon a true story that they’ve seen or heard in real. The word “Narrative” means story, so when you look at the meanings of the two words separately, it translates into a Story that is real. These are written in the style of novels, where the reality is posed in a fictional way with different characters and locations. Adding the creative angle to it, and naming it Creative Nonfiction as a secondary.

Journalism Nonfiction

Journalism Nonfiction stories can be rated as books, or writings that highlight, discover and investigate the truth about something that is happening in the political, or influential world. These types of stories mark the events that have been very impactful, either negatively or positively on the masses. Writers, Authors, or Journalists when writing such stories and books present somewhat a neutral opinion about the event they cover. 

These stories will be a great guide in telling what is nonfiction, answering your query “What does Nonfiction mean, is it real or fake?” proficiently.

Expository Nonfiction

This category or genre within nonfiction writing is often involved in writing and representing straightforward elements. For example, the Guinness Book of World Records.  The book is based on facts and records of people, or countries who have created, or broken records in the previous years. Simply, these sorts of writings can also be categorized as books that have information that will either improve your knowledge, just like the record books or give you a skill like a cooking book, which can teach you a trick or two about Kitchen work.

Historical Nonfiction

Historical nonfiction books are based upon facts and require a great amount of research by the publishers, or the writers to bring in the element of accuracy. They can be further categorized into academic, and creative historical nonfictional works.  Creativity is very essential to make sure that the books maintain their connection with readers, as many people nowadays are losing interest in topics and genres like history.

Fictional Categories

Now, Let us explore the world of fictional writings, Fictional categories have no boundaries as they’re created through a person’s mind, and have little to no reality involved in them. Here are some of the categories or subgenres of the fictional world. 

Literary Fiction

Literary fiction is a form of writing which is very complicated to explain in a few words. The explanation of this specific genre may eat up a lot of words for a writer. This subgenre can be defined by what it isn’t. It’s not sci-fi, horror, romance. It is simply termed as a very serious genre and often sought in novels only. Nonetheless, it remains to be a very popular way writers express their feelings, or thoughts in words.

Mystery Fiction

These literary works are bound to make your eyes stick to the book. This category is one of the most sought-after book categories in the world. They tend to glue the readers in the story, by adding the spice of crime and making the readers think about how the story will unfold at the end of the book. This genre is fictional and it’s usually best that way because we hardly have a story that is complicated enough to glue people through 350 pages in reality.


This genre is usually now covered more brilliantly in movies, but they are also conceptualized well in the book-writing world as well. When writers are working on them, they usually bring their craziest scientific imaginations and realities to the plot, bring out a story that is loved by many readers, and potentially get it filmed by any big production house. 

Romance Fiction

Romance fiction is stories that have been created, and written themed with love or emotional connection. The whole purpose of romantic flicks in the world of writing is to build an emotional connection to people who are looking to find one in today’s world. These are highly popular among the book-reading youth, although there are fewer of them right now, but they still get to know a touch about them through the movies made on them. The book  Twilight is a very prime example of it. 

YA Fiction

YA Fiction, or Young Adult fiction is another complicated category to describe and to pen as well. These books can be based on any historical, fictional, or factual topic. The wide range of its target audience, that is 12-18 expands its range of writing as well, as they tend to tell adult stories while covering something for the younger readers as well. The focal point of this category is teenage life, the struggles, achievements, friendships, identity, and many other teenage-related issues, and topics.

Some Works of Both Categories

Here are some of the books of both categories that will determine whether is fiction real or fake and whether is nonfiction real or fake.


1984 by George Orwell

This fictional flick by George tries to depict the story of Winston Smith, a lower member of a party who looks to fight and raise his voice against an oppressive system.

The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho

This story follows the destiny of Santiago, An Andulasian who looks to discover his legend and fulfill his dream and destiny.


Sapiens by Yuval Noah Harari

This nonfictional story is based on the scientific theory of human civilization and how we’ve evolved to be what we are today. 

Quiet by Susan Cain

This nonfictional flick goes around the world and explores, highlights, and tells people about the contributions, and stories of introverts, who’ve been very silently contributing to the world. 


In the blog, we’ve discovered what is fiction, and what is nonfiction. We tried to look into the things that make these two genres, miles apart from each other, and how these can be rated real or fake. The stories depicted in both flicks can be very different from each other. Their different categories are whether fiction is real or fake and whether nonfiction is real or fake. This blog is based upon the writer’s research and the opinions poised in the blog belong to the writers, any difference of opinion is welcomed and appreciated. Follow us on our social media platforms, Facebook and Instagram to get more from us.


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