What is the Best Novel Writing Software?

In terms of sheer functionality, Book Writing Online is the best choice. It’s affordable and not tied to expensive subscriptions. You should be aware of a steep learning curve, but the latest version, Book Writing Online, is far easier to use than previous versions. Another great option is Book Writing Online, which is compatible with Apple devices. You can learn more about both Book Writing Online and Storyist below. After reading this article, you should be well-equipped to make an informed decision on which software is right for you.

Book Writing Online

If you’ve ever wanted to write a novel, Book Writing Online is the answer. This program was created especially for writers, and is more than a word processor – it’s like a writer’s workstation. Its outlining tool and index card corkboard make the writing process more streamlined. Unlike traditional writing processes, where a writer may have to use flashcards, reams of paper, and a series of computer programs, Book Writing Online has a solution for everyone.

Book Writing Online is very flexible, allowing users to drag and drop sections to develop an outline and plot a storyline. It also has a Research section that helps authors gather background material for their novels. The Research section also provides an environment for the author to store ideas, which display in an outline view. Some alternate apps offer more guidance, such as Storyist, which prompts the writer to describe the characters and their relationships. Book Writing Online, on the other hand, automatically inserts words and stories from fragments.

There is a free version of this program, but it has limited features. It’s also slow to load, and the free version can only check up to 500 words at a time. However, you can purchase premium plans that give you access to unlimited documents for a year. For around $18 a month, you can have several team members use this software. Afterward, you can download your novel as a PDF, text file, or Word file. Lastly, you can choose to publish your novel on Amazon’s Kindle store or in your local bookstore.

If you are active in self-publishing, Atticus might be the best option for you. It has an easy-to-use interface, advanced formatting features, and publishing to major platforms. However, it does not offer comprehensive novel writing software or advice for novel writing online. You should also be wary of software that has a low number of reviews. If you’re unsure, try SmartEdit Writer for Mac.


A bestselling writer of books has probably used a program like Bibisco, which offers an infinite number of projects and tools to manage your writing process. Its comprehensive tools, helps you create chapters, manage revisions, and export your novel in various file formats, including epub, Docx, and pdf. Moreover, you can use it to design your characters, locations, and narrative strands. Bibisco also features a distraction-free mode to enable you to concentrate on your work without interruptions. You can also add reference pictures and examine how characters and chapters interact.

Another feature of Bibisco helps you understand characters’ complexity. To create a believable character, you need to understand their appearance, their behavior, their psychology, and their sociology. It is also important to understand their motives and desires. With this tool, you’ll be able to create more complex characters. Once you’ve created them, you can move on to other areas of the book, such as their relationships with each other.

Bibisco supports writing in multiple languages. It works with windows, macOS, and Linux operating systems. You can even write in multiple languages simultaneously. Its interface is user-friendly and intuitive, and it won’t take you hours to learn the ins and outs of the software. Despite all its benefits, Bibisco also has its disadvantages, which are discussed below. When choosing a novel writing program, make sure to consider the pros and cons of each.

Scrivener: Book Writing Online is another writing application that is perfect for long-form projects. It is more conventional in design than Bibisco but has a broader range of tools. It creates project folders for your novel, background research, reference material, and other documents. It also has an outlining tool that helps you structure your novel. There are no mobile versions of these apps, but you can download them for 30 days for free to try them out.


For those who haven’t written a novel before, Wavemaker is a web-based tool that makes it easier to structure a book. It helps you create chapter headings and breaks your novel into chapters, allowing you to import and export it into several formats. This tool is also incredibly easy to use. To learn more about Wavemaker, read our Wavemaker review below! We hope that you’ll find Wavemaker useful!

This tool has many advantages for aspiring writers, including its free 14-day trial, a lifetime license, and sections for supporting data. But its biggest drawback is that it doesn’t offer many novel writing teaching resources. The main drawback is that Wavemaker doesn’t provide prompts for character development, setting, or plot structure. It is more suitable for discovery writers than for professional writers, however, because it offers a user-friendly interface and works online.

Wavemaker is completely free, which is great because it’s a labor of love by a single developer. Donations are appreciated and greatly appreciated, but it isn’t required to use Wavemaker. It works as a progressive web app, meaning that it will work even when you’re offline, and it syncs when you have access to an Internet connection. It also features elegant planning features and a beautiful interface, so you’ll never lose track of your project again.

Bibisco is another good option, as it’s a desktop application that lets you keep track of your novel information. While it’s not as powerful as Wavemaker or Scrivener, it’s a good value and has a good range of features. It’s not an ideal fit for discovery writers, however. It emphasizes supporting data and the manuscript rather than the plot. As a desktop app, Bibisco is not suited for writers who want to work in a more traditional setting.


FocusWriter is free writing software that lets you write in a minimalist environment. While it may lack some functionality, it is a useful tool if you find yourself stuck at a certain point in your novel. It allows you to customize its features to your own needs and comes in various languages. One drawback to FocusWriter is that it does not offer planning tools or novel writing advice. Instead, it helps you write the first few chapters.

The design of FocusWriter makes it easy to concentrate on writing. It comes with a small window with a black background, and it has customizable options to change the font and background picture. You can also set goals by word count, time, and place for each day of the week. FocusWriter also lets you see the basic file information. The text area and the font size can be changed easily using its preferences menu.

Another great writing tool is Bibisco. This software is a word processor that works as a novel planner. It also offers superb value for money. Its creator is an avid writer, and it shows in the software’s user feedback. Bibisco is free to try, but its community edition lacks some features. Therefore, it is best to purchase the premium version if you can afford it.

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As for the cons, FocusWriter is not as customizable as some other programs. Its minimalist design makes it easy for people with ADD to focus on their writing. It is also missing a hotkey that turns off the feature. But if you can get past this, you can easily write a novel with FocusWriter. It has an integrated editor, which can help writing a book so you can write in a minimalist environment.


If you’re looking for a program that will analyze your work and help you improve it, AutoCrit is a great choice. This innovative piece of software is designed with publishing professionals and readers in mind. It combines real-world book content with the expertise of a veteran book editor to give step-by-step suggestions on how to improve your manuscript. It can also analyze your work for problems such as weak words, LY-adverbs, and similar-length sentences.

Despite its numerous advantages, AutoCrit is not free. Its free version has limited features and requires an internet connection. Paid versions are available for a $30 subscription, which is one of the most expensive writing apps on the market. The paid tier, however, unlocks all categories of analysis, including genre, author, and reader. Using the paid version is recommended if you need the extra features.

Another useful feature of AutoCrit is its ability to analyze your writing and provide an overall score for your work. It also gives you feedback on specific aspects of your writing, including word choice and dialogue. It also has a members’ community and hosts live events to discuss writing tips. In addition to the writing features, AutoCrit also has a powerful summary report that provides feedback on your prose. The tool will also give you an overall score, and scores for each category. Once you’ve decided on the overall score of your work, you can make adjustments to specific parts of your writing to improve your piece.

The program’s highlighting feature will help you identify unnecessary words and phrases in your writing. Unlike other grammar checkers, AutoCrit highlights words and phrases that are commonly used and overused. Using them too often will confuse your reader and disrupt the flow of your story. It also highlights redundant “-ing” verbs. If you’ve ever struggled with these mistakes in your writing, AutoCrit is a good option.


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