Where Can I Publish My Book For Free? Your Complete Guide 2024

Where Can I Publish My Book For Free? Your Complete Guide 2024

Everyone has at least once in their lifetime thought of becoming a writer, explaining narratives, and writing a storybook that intrudes on the people. The idea of Writing a book is simple, yet complicated in many ways. because it’s not always about just having a story inside your head, or finding the right idea to print on a page, It’s a task and to complete the task, you have to make sure you get the following things right. The biggest thing is the monetary part of publishing a book, let us now explore how to publish a book for free, and answer your question about where can I publish my book for free. In this blog, we’ll look at the different factors that will guide you to a better book publishing journey. Here are a few guides and steps to make sure you publish your book for free and get paid for it.

Important Guidelines

To publish a book successfully, you have to follow some guidelines or SOPs that will ensure that once you have published and submitted your book to a platform, it will give the payback sooner than you think. Here’s a list of the guidelines you need to answer your query” How to publish a book for free and get paid for it”

  • You need to have clarity with the ideas and designs of your book. To write a book that is popular among the masses and gives your writing career the launch pad it needs, You’ve to be precise and clear with the vision with which you are writing the book.
  • Always jump into the market after a whole lot of research. Never blindly follow the trends by sitting in the comfort of your room, always take a look into the market trends, get to know them, and then jump in with your literature. Free publishing sites won’t guarantee a great response to your book.
  • You have to leave a margin for editing and post-processing of your book. The main reason is, that you never know what details you’ve missed, and what are the things that may be a burden on the story you’re choosing to write on. Always give a second chance to yourself.
  • Understand that the market is not working according to your wishes of writing and publishing books. You need to have the patience level of waiting for the right time to publish the book.

Now we’ll look into the factors that will affect the publishing of your book. We’ll tell you about the thing that will be a very big help for you in writing and publishing a book.

First Step, Write!

The first step towards a successful book publishing venture of your book is, writing! The more you invest your time in writing the book, the more it is better for you. The best way possible to continue writing is to maintain a routine, where you decide to write a certain amount of words daily, which will allow a smooth writing procedure and give you a rough idea of where you are lagging in the story, character development, and other factors that will decide the fate of your literary.

Prioritize the Monetary Benefits!

Let’s face it, hardly any writer or author in the modern day is writing just for educational, or entertainment purposes. You are always looking to get the financial benefit out of the venture. The benefits you receive when you are finally done with the book and published it, are numerous. One of the main reasons you’ve picked up your laptop and started writing is to make the most out of it, and make as much money as you can with the venture. So, always have your eye on the dollar, that’ll be a motivation for you to execute your plan of writing and publishing better.

Seek Feedback!

You may think that you have the best story inside your mind about a book, but you may also contemplate the fact that the idea is unique and is not found anywhere else in the market. These factors might be true, but they may not decide the fact that readers will buy your book from an e-store. To ensure that your book finds its way to the reader’s hand, you need to continuously seek feedback. Tell a friend to review your writing skills, or maybe get in touch with an old-school time teacher to say a word about it. Whatever you do with the whole thing, just make sure that you are seeking feedback for your literary work.

Where Can I Publish My Book for free?

We’ve navigated through the things that you need to do, that’ll help you in getting in your hands on your e-book very easily. Now we will take a look into the platforms and places. We’ll together find the answer to your question of how to publish a book online for free. This is an analytical survey of different platforms, this is not a rank-based system.

The Pencil

The Pencil Platform has been around for a very long time, and they have been assisting writers, and authors to publish their books for free. They have a premium quality service laid out for the writers who ask them for assistance and help regarding the whole publishing process. They offer exquisite royalties on purchases from their platform, which will offer you around 70% on the books above a certain price tag.

Amazon KDP

Amazon KDP has been in the digital market for several years and they are all over it. They cover every single platform to assist people from buying or selling to anything else. Publishing a book for free is one of their top niches as well. They tend to provide top-notch publishing services to clients who look to publish their books online.


This platform is unique and has an audience for the global reach of your book within a few days. PublicDrive allows writers to have the freedom they need as writers and publish their books. They had a hefty turnout even during the pandemic days when the world was shut down, now, you can imagine what impact their services will create once they take up publishing a book for free from you.

Apple Books

Ah, The name you least expected to see on the list of free publishers. A name that has all of us surrounded by something or the other. Guess what? Book writers can also get in touch with them as well. Apple Books is a platform that allows free book publishing to you, not only that, they offer up to 70% royalties for most of the books.


The platform Draft2Digital enables high-quality book publishing services for you that’ll allow you to reach the masses in very quick succession. Authors and writers still retain their royalties and rights for the book on most occasions, and get a huge audience that is waiting for the books to come out as soon as possible.

Google Play Books Partner Center

You always try to sneak into the places where your competitors are. Google Play Book is another premium-quality book publishing platform for new, and old writers to get into publishing a book for free. They have a policy to give out 70% of the royalties on books of any price tag.

Getting your publication assistance from any of the above-mentioned platforms guarantees you great success, royalties, and a very good name for yourself and your book. Choosing any one between these giant marketers is a difficult task, One must look thoroughly at these websites and find the fit according to their niche, and which one of them will be more beneficial in terms of monetary, platform of book releasing, and audience.

The Audiobook Potential

Audiobooks are a fairly new sensation that has erupted in the book market. This facility is for the audience that is not very interested in reading long into the night and continuing the next day. This is solely for people who’re finding difficult to read books, they don’t want to miss out on a lot of potential learning options, and they end up being on the route of Audiobooks. This format is another potential contestant in your journey of  “Where can I publish my book” for free.

To Conclude

The blog can be your guide in navigating the route of publishing a book through different platforms across the internet. We covered how you can be consistent with your writing, and how you can always leave a margin of error through editing backups, and we also discovered the different platforms that have been in the market to help you publish a book, an e-book, and an audiobook. This information is collected, and researched by the writer of this blog, and any opinion posed in the blog solely belongs to the writer. This is a general outline, or guide to spread the word about book writing, and publishing online.


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