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Where Should I Write My Book?

Where Should I Write My Book?

There are three basic types of writing tools. Word processor, Spreadsheet, and FastPencil. Each one has its advantages and disadvantages. Listed below are a few tips from Book Writing Online to help you choose the best writing tool for your needs. Aside from these tools, you can use a variety of other writing methods such as hiring Book Writing Online, information dumps, and brainstorming. Depending on your goals and the genre of your book, you may also consider using a Word processor or Spreadsheet.

Information Dump

When you are providing a novel writing service, you may be wondering how to avoid an information dump. It can be as small as a few lines in the middle of the book, but it is critical that your information dumps are interesting to your reader. Here are some tips to avoid an info dump in your story. A creative info dump can include anything from a newspaper article to a radio announcement, from a television broadcast to a conversation with an eccentric psychic.

Often, info-dumping occurs when a writer has done too much research on the topic. They may feel the need to include technical details, but these are not necessary. Instead, focus on the core story information. That way, the reader can easily figure out which information they should focus on. In addition, an info dump may make a story seem more complicated than it really is. A story that lacks depth is likely to be boring and uninteresting.

Avoid an info-dump whenever possible. Info-dumps are the opposite of good storytelling. When an author uses information-dumping techniques, it destroys the illusion that the story is based on actual events. Readers want to immerse themselves in a story and feel powerful emotions based on the characters. Moreover, the information is secondary. Rather, a well-told story will reveal the information through the protagonist’s experience and the actions of the other characters. Therefore, avoid an info-dump when writing a book.

Another way to avoid an info dump is to write in the first person. It is important to make sure the information dump is focused. This way, the reader will be more interested in the story and characters. When a reader is able to relate to the characters, the information dump is a great way to engage their interest. You will also be more likely to keep them engaged. The best way to avoid an info dump is to write the information in a chronological manner.

Another way to avoid an information dump is to only give the reader the information they need at a given moment in the story. Instead of a long, boring dissertation, an info dump should be a series of small hints or internal monologues. An info dump is less boring if it is scattered throughout the story, as readers do not necessarily want to read more information than they need.

Word Processor

If you are a beginner at writing a book, you might want to start by learning how to use a Word processor. Word is free and supports almost every document extension, but it is not designed for professional book-writing purposes. Another free word processor is Google Docs, which supports various formatting options and features, including spell and grammar checks. You can also create and edit PDF files without installing a plugin. Lastly, you can even use Google Docs offline.

The downside to using Microsoft Word for writing a book is that the learning curve is steep, but the program is still highly functional and powerful. It checks your grammar and spelling automatically, but it does not help you write concise, direct, and direct texts. This feature is very useful for writers who plan to self-publish their work. A Word processor for writing a book should be intuitive, easy to use, and able to offer the functionality and features you need.

Scrivener is an all-in-one writing program for PC and Mac. It can export your work to various digital platforms, including ebook formats, and includes an extensive library of templates for fiction and non-fiction. The program allows you to create outlines, drag and drop sections, and organize sub-files and manuscripts as index cards. This helps you to avoid distractions while writing. Also, Scrivener lets you make notes about scene details and characters as you go.

Another popular free Word processor for writing a book is Google Docs. The software is compatible with computers and works offline. If you can’t find a Word processor with offline capabilities, try Book Writing Online, a service developed for novelists. This service breaks your book into scenes and chapters and then allows you to rearrange them as needed. Scenes are generally the most fun parts of a book to write.

The benefits and drawbacks of Word for writing a book depending on your preference. If you prefer Microsoft Word over Scrivener, you may want to switch to that. But if you want to write on a Mac, Word doesn’t play well with Apple’s operating system. A Word for Mac doesn’t always play well with Scrivener, and you’ll end up frustrated if the software doesn’t work.


A Spreadsheet for writing a book is a great way to keep track of multiple characters. You can divide your entire book into scenes, assigning a color to the characters, and include the main events that occur in each scene. You can even color-code the scenes based on the main characters’ interests. Using this method, you’ll be able to make your book’s pages look just as impressive as the pages in your mind.

A spreadsheet allows you to customize the plot to match your own preferences and needs. When you’re writing a fantasy or epic novel, you may have to keep track of other information outside of your writing documents. A file can help you keep track of these things, as well as the everyday realities of writing. A file can be useful for creating a living world, keeping track of characters, or simply monitoring the mundane realities of writing.

Creating a Spreadsheet for writing a book is a fantastic way to keep track of every element of your story. Instead of making a list of each character, you can break it down into various categories, including character development, scenes, and the main character’s journey. As you write, you can jump between the various tabs to see how each scene fits together. You can also use the columns to show the story’s arc, which includes rising and falling action.

A spreadsheet for writing a book can also make the production process easier, as templates have been created specifically for this purpose. These templates include guidelines that will help you write your book faster. They are designed to serve as guides, and you may find one that fits your needs perfectly. If they don’t, tweak it until it meets your needs. It will help you become a better writer. But you’ll still need to experiment with them, as they’re meant to be guides.


There are many advantages of using a program to write your book. If you are already familiar with the publishing process, this method is a great way to save time and effort. With FastPencil, you can write your book, then have it automatically converted into eBook format. The software allows you to preview page designs, invite editors, and friends to help you. It also allows you to import your existing work, which saves time. As an author, promoting your book and calculating royalties can be a time-consuming process.


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The distribution network of FastPencil is impressive. It includes the entire Ingram Network, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Sony eReaders, among others. As a result, you can publish your book on a variety of platforms. This gives you access to an enormous audience and an incredible return on investment. If you are worried about the publishing process or lack of experience, you can hire an editor or a book marketing company to publish your book.

The company’s goal is to serve authors at different stages of their self-publishing journey. This means it provides a cloud-based writing environment, allowing both new and experienced authors to import their work. In addition to helping authors complete their book projects, FastPencil also offers publishing and marketing services for their clients. The company has an extensive network of contributors and editors and a Guided Collaboration tool that helps you find collaborators and chat with them. Whether you are writing a novel or an autobiography, FastPencil has everything you need to publish a book.

Besides providing editing and formatting services, FastPencil also offers a range of publishing services. These include cover design, line editing, and formatting help. You can pay for additional services a la carte or as a package. In addition to fast publication, FastPencil provides transcription, copyediting, and in-depth feedback. The company offers a range of publishing options, and they also adhere to your publishing schedule.


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