Why Your Book Needs a Professional Editor: A Guide to Hiring One


If you completed your manuscript and still feel like something is missing then that is a sign for you to hire a professional editor. There are many reasons for you to avail of book editing services but before you do that there are some points you should consider. 

To find the right book editor for your project, you need to understand the types of editing and the one that is most relevant to your book. It would also be beneficial for you to be aware of the editing process so that you know what the editor is doing. Knowing all these details will help you in hiring the best writer out there.

The Importance of Professional Editing 

Some people don’t consider professional editing when they are finalizing their book. However, if you notice the difference between an unedited manuscript and an edited one, you’ll know why editing is important. Professional book editing services can take your content from good to exceptional. 

When hiring an editor for your book you can expect them to not only fix your grammatical errors but also bring more to the coherence and structure of the manuscript. When a fresh pair of eyes analyze your text they will find gaps in your narrative that weren’t previously obvious. To bridge these gaps and make the narrative flow more flawlessly, an editor makes use of his knowledge to produce the best possible output.

The editor knows the significance of creating a book that is well-received by the audience. Therefore, they make the necessary refinements to make the tone and style align with what the readers are more likely to read. The best ebook editing services are those that work to reduce the friction within the written work and make it seamless. This further brings clarity and translates to readers in a more structured manner. 

Another advantage of an experienced book editor for hire is that they know that editing is a collaborative process. They continue to take your input so that they can ensure that the book remains on the path that you planned for it. The idea is not to change the foundation of the manuscript but to make it the best version of itself.   

Different Types of Editing

When people think of editing, they don’t realize that there is more to it than just that. Book editing services can take many different forms and it is essential for anyone who wants to hire an editor to know about them. Depending on which aspect of the manuscript needs editing, the following types of editing can be found:

  1. Developmental Editing: addresses the overall architecture and content of the book. This is inclusive of how the plot progresses, the way characters develop, and the pacing of the story. 
  2. Copy Editing: focuses on the technical elements of writing such as punctuation, grammar, spelling, and sentence structure. This kind of editing ensures that the writer follows the style guide and removes any errors that might be present.
  3. Line Editing: deals with a detailed assessment of the manuscript on both paragraph and sentence levels. Their main focus is on how each sentence and paragraph contributes to the overall readability of the book. A line editor takes apart every element of the manuscript and sees whether it goes with the flow or not.
  4. Substantive Editing: involves structuring the book in a manner that has a consistent rhythm to it. This type of editing intends to restructure the sentences and paragraphs without having to change the content drastically. The ultimate goal is to have a clear and cohesive narrative.
  5. Fact-Checking: concentrates on ensuring that the facts enclosed in the manuscript are entirely accurate. Any names, dates, and statistics need to be checked again because conveying wrong information will reflect badly on not only your book but you as well. The same is true for writing historical events and scientific details. 

Finding the Right Editor For Your Project 

Most people are in search of affordable book editing services. However, what they don’t realize is that finding the right editor should be their main focus. This journey begins with you identifying what your editing needs are. From the types of editing we listed above, specify which one you require the most and seek an editor who has experience with that. Most people who require editing for their manuscript usually ask for all types of editing.

After you have narrowed down potential editors, ask them whether they can provide you with some of their past work. That is your portal into the world they can create. You need to be able to gauge their technical expertise as well as creativity and how they effortlessly translate that into their work. 

You may find a lot of book editing websites but compatibility with your editor is critical. Without mutual understanding, it is possible that the editor ends up ruining your manuscript instead of improving it. Effective communication is the key to ensuring that your relationship is fruitful. Transparency is yet another essential quality to look for in an editor. They should be forthcoming about the progress of the work so that you can manage accordingly. 

The Editing Process and What to Expect 

The editing process is different for each editor. However, most of them follow similar steps in their approach. They begin with a detailed assessment of the overall content and structure. If they feel like there is a need for developmental and substantive edits, they proceed with that. Best book editing services are those that mainly focus on coherence, character development and consistency on this stage. 

After these edits are complete, they start line editing with the intention of analyzing paragraphs down to each sentence and word. The objective is to refine the style and rhythm for better readability. This is then followed by copy editing so that any grammatical or spelling errors can be sorted out. During this process, it is recommended that you continue to keep communicating with your editor. The revisions have to be made consistently so that the manuscript evolves in an intentional manner.

Communicating With Your Editor 

As the editing process is a collaborative one, have open communication channels with your editor is vital. Your relationship with them should be professional, transparent and clear since the very beginning. Begin by explaining the project scope, goal and expectations. Any book editor for hire won’t just know what they have to do. You have to specify it for them.

It is also crucial that you set a timeline for them and if they agree you should hold them accountable to it. Provide them with feedback on their work and be receptive to their concerns as well. Maintain an open dialogue so that if any issues arise in the editing process it can be sorted out quickly. 

Your dynamic with the writer should be that of trust so that they feel safe enough to confide in you about problems. Having constructive communication enables the editor to write according to your needs and wishes. If they are left to figure it out all on their own then it is likely that the output doesn’t align with what you had in mind. So, any concerns and feedback should be communicated right away.

Handling Revisions and Feedback

It is completely natural that revisions come during the editing process. The way you handle them is what truly matters. Professional book editing services aim to refine your book until you are completely content with it. Therefore, there is a need to approach revisions with an open mindset so that there is more room for improvement.

The editor has experience in the field so they may know about things which you won’t necessary be aware of. This is why you should give weight to their insights and be open towards their suggestions while giving your own. It is about reaching a mutual agreement. This is how constructive dialogue is created and it ultimately benefits the book. 

Multiple revisions are possible as well. The book editor for hire should always be ready to make the adjustments because if the manuscript doesn’t align with the vision then it was all for nothing. So be sure to give the feedback wherever necessary and as many times as you see fit. That being said, be receptive to their feedback and suggestions and try to incorporate them in your manuscript.   

Budget Considerations

Book editing services price can vary based on several factors. Therefore, it is important to consider these factors in detail before setting the right budget. Gauge the scope of the work that has to be done. This could be inclusive of the types of editing you think your manuscript needs.

Then you have to decide whether the payment will happen by the word, page or hour. You can ask the editor for their preference and if that options works with you then it will be a win-win situation. Don’t hire an editor without consulting multiple book editing services because that will give you a general idea of what the rates are in the market.

Also consider whether the timeline you are communicating to the editor is rushed. In such situations, additional costs are applicable and you should be willing to make those adjustments. The complexity of the project is also a factor which has a say in budget considerations so it is best to be mindful of it when deciding the budget.

Contracts and Agreements 

A contract is a vital part of any project. A well-crafted contract would include all the major details about scope of work and it would specify the kind of book editing services you require. For each service a break-down of the cost would also be a valuable addition in the agreement. Furthermore, establishing a timeline for the editor to follow would ensure that the editor adheres to the decided deadlines.

The responsibilities of both parties should be included in the contract so that in case a violation happens it can be sorted out without a dispute. This means inclusion of clauses about confidentiality, rights and privacy. These are sensitive elements which should be paid special attention. Ensure that the editor agrees with the mentioned clauses so that they won’t create any problems later on. 


Getting book editing services online could be a wise decision on your part. However, it is best to proceed with caution and follow steps which would ensure that you make the best out of the opportunity. An editor could make your book go from being ordinary to outstanding. Therefore, after you are done writing, availing editing services should be the next thing on your list.


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